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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Don't you Just Love Violets?

I know that Spring has definitely arrived when I start seeing violets blooming...

They are everywhere right now, and I just can't help making posies for my Mom each time I go out and bump into them!

As you can imagine, I'm also tremendously inspired to record their beauty on paper... Oh, I wish I could paint their fragrance too!
Enjoy this page from my sketchbook! Hope it'll make you smile.

I've been in love with violets since I can remember. My Grandma made use of a delicious violet perfume she gave me before passing away. I cherish that bottle. That divine scent has been of great comfort to me during tough, sad days... like an angelic message from my Grandma telling me not to fear, that I was loved and guided along the path.

Happy Spring, dear friends!
Monica x.


  1. Oh Monica..I just just just finished using a Graphics Fairy Ephemera Download to make a Violet bag to hold my first violets! Imagine..I still have plenty of time but was busy sewing..yours are so pretty..as you were and are~

  2. I love violets too, Monica !
    What a precious treasure your grandma gave you, such a lovely memory !
    Beautiful picture of you !

  3. What beautiful photos'! Violets are gorgeous:)

  4. Violets are so sweet...I can see they bring back so many good memories for you! And that is a beautiful picture of you as a child!


  5. i do love violets! and violet is one of my favorite colors too. the story about your grandmother is sweet and poingant. Don't violets mean modesty and simplicty in the language of flowers? Also, thanks for sharing pages from your sketch book. Your blog is a beautiful expression of your heart!

  6. Your violets did make me smile. Grandma must've been a wonderful woman.

  7. Monica, that was just a lovely post. Thank you,

  8. Gorgeous violets. I love the new spring photos on your banner, too. Happy spring!

  9. When the violets pop up - I know Spring has arrived! Wished they lasted longer.
    Have a great week.

  10. Just beautiful, the posies and you as a child, Glad you are happy. snowing here...whats a gal to do. ahhhh. love others pictures. Hope all is going great. your a real gift you know. I am blessed to know you. hugs.

  11. Hi Monica! Happy belated birthday! Your posts are just bursting with beautiful images of springtime. Love the blue and white theme in your previous post. And your watercolors are absolutely gorgeous! What a gift. Hope all is well. Thanks for your visit to my corner of the world. Peace & blessings, Tammy

  12. just BEAUTIFUL pictures.

    Happy spring and have a lovely week,

  13. I too love violets and daffodils and tulips and roses and...and...and!! I so want spring!! Sigh!!
    Your violets are fabulous!!

  14. i am in love with your header pics!!! xx

  15. So pretty. love the way you've put them in the cocoa tin.

  16. What a DEAR photo of you!!! My mother LOVES violets! We haven't had any pop up... yet (and we are supposed to have snow again Friday - ahhhhh)!

  17. I love violets and their fragrance!
    Happy Spring!


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