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Friday, March 4, 2011

Spring Bliss!

Hello everyone!
I'm finally enjoying a well- deserved rest at my parents' home, painting, strolling Kim, writing, and... sleeping! Oh I so needed that ;) My DH and I have decided to wait for temperatures to rise before moving again towards our final destination... will share with you one step at a time ;)
I found these snowdrops in the woods, and thought to assemble a tussie mussie just for you!

Even if these March days can still bring a chill, it is lovely to stay outside a bit more and enjoy the first warmer days and new flowers after the cold, long winter!

Pure bliss!

Hope you're enjoying some good weather where you are!
Will be back with a new painting that celebrates the Season! Can't wait to show you.
Monica x.


  1. I love snowdrops, they are my favorite. Such a shame we don't get them here in VA. Glad you're getting some down time in after moving everything. Have a great weekend.

  2. Dear Monica
    I've just caught up with your recent posts - wow, what a lot of packing and wrapping you did - no wonder you needed a good rest at your parents house :-) I hope you're having lots of pampering and a restful time.
    The snowdrops are gorgeous and they really lift the spirit don't they? I'm off now to tidy up in the garden and see which plants are springing to life!
    Have a lovely restful weekend,
    D x

  3. ...bad weather here...It's strange,we had very nice weather in January and by February...dark and raining !!!.Brrrrrrrr

  4. so happy to hear that you are in loving arms and resting...finally. your posie is just lovely. i thank you for it.

  5. Monica,
    So glad you are getting some much deserved rest. Glad Spring is on her way. Bet Kim is so happy it is warming up outside.
    Have a beautiful day,

  6. beautiful photos. I love snowdrops x

  7. And I can't wait to see it ;0)
    Such lovely spring flowers to start my weekend with...

  8. What beautiful snowdrops. And your presentation is just gorgeous. I can tell you're enjoying the time you have to be creative once again. Bliss indeed!

  9. Beautiful snowdrops!!....can't wait to see your painting !!...give Kim a big huge hug from me.....love love Ria...xxx....happy weekend...

  10. Glad you are enjoying a rest and being with your parents.The snowdrops are lovely- spring is on the way!
    We are finally going to have soon serious snow melting this weekend-I am so looking forward to spring.
    Take care,

  11. Such gorgeous photographs! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Your snowdrops are darling & I love, love, love these very inspiring photos!! I love the use of the French page & wooden clothesclip, too! :))

  13. My whole garden is filled with snowdrops...but tomorrow I am going to take some inside! Thanks for inspiration and have a great weekend!

  14. Thank you for my little tussie mussie~ it was just what I needed to bring a smile to my face. I am counting on all my friday's favorite friends to get me through the week!

  15. Monica I cannot wait to see what you are painting! Love your photo's I can feel spring by looking at them. We have had a few spring days but a cold front is coming here in North Texas.......
    Have a great weekend!

  16. Can anything be as pretty as these lovely images? I think not...beautiful.

    Enjoy your stay at your parents. Happy weekend.

  17. What a lovely tussie mussie, Monica, the snowdrops are so beautiful !
    And your pictures are gorgeous !
    We enjoyed a few sunny days.
    Looking forward to see your painting !

  18. My snowdrops last week were the real thing, 13 inches of the fluffy stuff falling from the sky.Now as it melts I see my daffodils that were frozen in time.LOL Spring will come I just know it. Teddy wants all the snow GONE so he can run and jump all over the place. :-) Hugs!

  19. Beautiful beautiful snowdrops! I found a magical single one in my garden last week! Our daffodils are nearly about to start flowering with a few more sunny days! Glad you are resting lots xx

  20. such very pretty pictures!

  21. Dreamy and beautiful flowers Monica! Anxious to hear about your moving plans! Give that beautiful kim a hug for me! And thank you for those beautiful cards - your work is amazing!!!
    Hugs from Shelley and Fluffy hugs from Scout


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