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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Great Sunday Finds!

... Today I had fun! Seriously.
I have cocooned way too much in my previous home! Now I definitely committed to have more fun!
So this morning, off I went to the second- hand and antique market... And here are my finds! First of all, some very old books (the more they are worn and tattered, the more I love them), among which an italian-english dictionary and a Christian book with my monogram...

Now hold on to your hat- French antique lace doilies, tea cloth and baby dresses!!!!!! Nothing I can normally afford to treat myself to, at least where I live. I even pulled my DH and doggie by the arm (and tail) across the French Riviera looking for these type of bargains... finding that all was amazingly beautiful but sadly overprized :( When I had the chance to see such treasures in Italy, I never could bring home the tiniest scrap of lace, because of their high prices. Until today... The lady at the market says she never comes here and she won't anymore, 'cause it's too far from her place. It really was a serendipitous-and-super-duper-lucky-trip!
My heart went pitter- patter when I spotted that booth, and even more when I saw their prices. Gosh it was hard to keep calm while inside I was SO doing the happy dance! Tip tap. Boogie- woogie. But one lesson I have learnt well in Blogland is never, never show you are drooling! ;)) Thanks ladies for sharing your 'bargain- secrets'!
I am super excited about my finds... Precious hand- embroidered lace. My oh my.

I plan on using this pair of stunning doilies on our bedside tables. When we have them :)

It was hard to choose among all the baby dresses, but finally I decided for these two.

Now you will laugh at my model- she's one of my very first bears... well, actually she is more of a mouse than a bear! But my Mom is a sentimental keeper ;)) All my 'proper' bears are in storage, so I must use what I have on hand!

And finally, this vintage tin box I love, with a story attached. I have been enamored with it since three or four years ago, when I spotted the same box while treasure hunting... and guess what? I didn't buy it then!! Now she's mine mine mine.
I believe the beautiful woman is Princess Sissi. Anyone, please? I'd like to know for sure.

How can I describe today's treasure hunt?? Just one word...

Now what about coming for a buying expedition together? I'd love to!!!!!!!!!
Monica x


  1. Hooray!!! Everything is so beautiful and I think you deserve all these fantastic treats. How fun!
    Have a wonderful day, Monica,

  2. You found some very beautfull things Monica!

  3. Your finds are beautiful!!! The books are deliciously tattered and worn and the lace doilies are magnificent. Of course the baby dresses are darling and look so pretty on your bear. Congrats on having a marvelous treasure hunt!


  4. Great finds darling !!! have a lovely evening !! ...love love Ria....xxx...

  5. Favoloso indeed!! You did well, Monica! I know we're not supposed to show our excitment at fairs, but there is NO WAY I would have been able to contain myself seeing all that beautiful old lace!!! xo

  6. Monica~ Between the finds and the way you photograph them.... I don't know which I am drooling over more!!

  7. Davvero favoloso!!!!.
    I love your fashion bear!!!.

  8. Wow, Monica, your finds are indeed fabulous !
    Love the old books and that lace is gorgeous, looks like you had your lucky day.
    And that bear, she's a cutie !
    Wish you a nice week,

  9. You did very well for yourself, Monica! Beautiful.


  10. You did good! I think the bear makes a great model. :-D
    Have a great week.

  11. Sounds like the perfect day . . . congratulations on such wonderful finds.

  12. I love your beautiful finds and it was a serendipitous day for you!! YAY!!

  13. Hi Monica,

    I adore your beautiful treasures you came home with.
    The lace and baby dresses are so gorgeous and lovely the old books.
    Yes, I would love to go for a shopping expedition with you especially to be able to see lovely goodies like these.

    Happy week

  14. What great finds Monica, I like the bear too. I am glad you are getting out and about. The white lace is fabulous btw. Hope you are well, think of you often.

  15. Oh my, you really found some treasures Monica! I don't know how you were able to 'stay cool' while purchasing that amazing lace & the dresses. Happy day for you!
    Your model wears it well. :)
    - Susan

  16. Beautiful finds, glorious images, Monica!

    Angelic Accents

  17. Yes you are right, old lace and baby dresses/antique clothes are so much overprized. But then when you don't expect you find some. I know how you feel then. I have found a old baby dress lately and I also let one of my teddy's showing it. You can find it here http://rosabears.blogspot.com/2011/03/ariadne.html
    Cocooning in your home is healing but goïng out can also be.
    Your finds are beautiful.

  18. Congrats on the great finds! What is it about old books that we are drawn toward them. If there is such a thing as vintage lace and linen envy, I have it,lol. I am thrilled for you1

  19. Amazing, beautiful finds, love the books so shabby :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  20. love the lace. great finds x

  21. Lovely finds for you Monica! And managing to buy the vintage box after all - it was meant to be.... Lesley. x

  22. Congrats on the gorgeous finds! You did really great shopping! There is nothing like a day at a good flea or antique market.

    Happy Spring!


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