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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Paques Joyeuses!

Our Easter will be very simple this year... But even if I don't have a lavish table, pretty Easter favors or crafted decorations to show you, I couldn't pass this meaningful day by. Meaningful for our faith, if you believe, meaningful for our spirits, as connected to the idea of rebirth.

Naturally we'll have a bit of chocolate and eggs...

... flowers...
My Mom's clematis The President gifted us with many flowers this year, so I arranged a tiny posy with scented herbs for our simple table.

OOOOOPS! This always happens when I shoot something yummy ;)

... and traditional italian Easter bread. I use to make it each and every year for my dear ones to enjoy for breakfast. It is slightly sweet and soft... mmm... delicious!

Have a glorious Easter everyone!
Monica x


  1. Happy Easter to you too!! The bread looks so yummy!!

  2. Happy Easter to you Monica.
    Simple celebrations are my favorite kind-
    your photos are lovely.

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  3. Happy easter weekend darling......enjoy.....have fun !! ...love love love Ria....xxx...

  4. Even if you have a simple easter whit no lavish table you'r foto's are as pretty as always!
    Happy easter

  5. To you too Monica..Lovely and cute photos:)

  6. Okay, now I'm hungry! Beautiful mouth-watering photos. Thank you for sharing. Have a blessed Easter.

  7. Happy Easter sweet friend! Hope you & Kim find lots of pretty chocolate eggs! We are having a quiet one too as our Grand ended up being sick & we are trying to stay away so we don't get sick... HUGS!
    Charlene & Elle

  8. Have a wonderful Easter Monica!

  9. Happy Easter~ beautiful post!

  10. Monica, wishing you a wonderful Easter. Love the photos and the yummy chocolate.

  11. That bread looks scrumptious, hoping you had a great Easter. things are always beautiful when you show up here. I was wondering about Kim the other day. how is she doing. hugs and best wishes to you and your family. much love.

  12. everything looks delicious. Hope you had a wonderful day! Enjoy your perspective so much!

  13. What a lovely Easter post, Monica !
    Beautiful flowers, delicious chocolate and a gorgeous old card ... that bread looks delicious too !

  14. Hi Monica, I hope you and yours had a joyous celebration. The weather looks lovely in your corner of the world. Not so much here. :/ Sadly, no Easter chocolate was to be found this year. My favorites are the malted robin's eggs. That bread looks delish! Love homemade breads. Best wishes for the rest of the week. Tammy

  15. I think your Easter decor is so charming and sweet! And your bread looks divine. I know your family enjoyed it.:)

  16. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter Day, Monica! xo

  17. Dear Monica,
    Oh no, what happened to Mr. bunny's head! LOL.
    We had a quite Easter Sunday too. Just Gary and I. Sat. we had a family BQ at our daughters home (they live together). Its always a joy to see my two beautiful grandkids and all the nieces and nephews, they had over 40 family members over. We had a great time. I adore the babies and all the little ones. Even had three dogs visiting. Our family is very large but a lot of fun.
    Have a sweet day and big hugs my friend.


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