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Friday, April 22, 2011

A Tussie- Mussie to say Thank You!


a small bunch of flowers or herbs.
a cone-shaped holder for a bouquet.

I made this tussie-mussie while I was out in the park with my husband, in one of the rare moments we are together now. It was so special and so inspiring, that I wanted to dedicate an entire photo shoot to it.

I thought I'd share this beauty with you too- violets are gone for this year, but these photographs will last, like deep and sincere love and friendship that never fade, even in harsh conditions.

And here is a self portrait of moi with violets. Do you remember my photo with violets? Now I have an updated one ;)

Thank you for all your nice, kind and caring words on my last post. I appreciated and cherish each one, and as always, I do my best to return visits, even if I seem to be always very behind.
I am much better with hives, and my surgery has been scheduled for the end of May. Honestly I was shocked because I thought it was something to do in an unpredictable length of time... this means we must wait again in order to have a new nest and our life back! :((( But my hubby and I agree that it's better to have this fixed before venturing in another move. In the meantime we are day- dreaming ... and I am somewhat envious of all of you that can decorate and craft like crazy this Easter... but the time will come also for me, with a new exciting beginning. And it will be glorious!
Monica x


  1. What a lovely Tussie-Mussie, Monica !
    Gorgeous pictures, love the one of you with the violets, so tender !
    Glad you're feeling better, now it's waiting for the surgery, my positive thoughts !
    Wish you and your family a happy Easter time,

  2. Lovely Post, Monica.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. So beautiful.
    Wishing you a happy easter.
    Fine evening

  4. Beautiful images, have an amazing weekend.

  5. Enjoyed seeing your pretty photos. Violets are about gone here also.
    Happy Easter and enjoy your weekend.

  6. Dear Monica..not everyone is able to craft and carry on..I bet perhaps more than we know are afflicted in some way.. it doesn't lessen the hurt..but know that you are not alone..You carry on w/ such grace..and grace us with your sublime photos..
    Happy Easter to you and wishing you well..forever and a day~

  7. So nice !!!Monica....happy easter weekend....love enjoy and have fun !!.....love Ria....xxx...

  8. Monica, your flowers are beautiful and so are your thoughts. There will be another Easter next year and you will decorate twice as much.
    Have a wonderful, healthy day,

  9. I enjoyed your beautiful flowers! It is still 2 months till we see any flowers at all up here...but we are enjoying the midnight-sun already! I wish you a happy Easter!

  10. Hope your allergies are better. Mine are giving me fits too!!!!!!!Itchy eyes & sneezing like a crazy girl... CRAZY I AM... I loved the paiting of the daffodils you did in the previous post!!!!!!!!! Beautiful. One of my favorites! Up there with pansies & hydrangeas. Have a happy Easter & hug sweet Kim...
    Charlene & Elle

  11. Oh Monica do take care. Have you tried a hand brace for the carpal tunnel. I have heard that it helps. I hope you have a nice Easter and yes by next year things will have settled down I am sure. Hugs and love Sharon and high paws from Teddy. Give Kim a kiss.

  12. Beautiful post. And you look beautiful, too.

    Many blessing this Easter!


  13. beautiful!

    Happy easter!

  14. Your photos are wonderful!

    Wish you a happy Easter weekend! Hugs, Ingrid

  15. xo
    sorry to have missed these posts... we've been under the weather here :O


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