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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pink Roses and White Bookcovers.

Hello dear friends and readers, is it Saturday already?? My, can't believe that. I'm late linking up with Beverly because I'm cocooning. Just a little bit! I've been dealing with a whirlwind of emotions, lately...
So I ask- is it there anything better that a good book, a cup of hot tea and pink roses to keep me company?

... Maybe my sweet Kim! ♡

The book I'm (re) reading is 'Home sweeter home' by Jann Mitchell, and I'm loving it! It is a favorite, but has an ugly yellow cover that didn't fit my decòr, so I obviously covered it with one of my fabric bookcovers!

I also had some retail therapy... at the thrift shop. And I found this amazing big tablecloth, for a mere 5 euros/$7/£4. My thought went immediately to the lady that had hand crocheted it with love and patience. Many hours surely went into the making of this wonder... and I just had it for a song because someone had discarded it. If I could tell her how thrilled and happy I was for that find, and that I'll treasure it, I'm sure she will be happy!

I also bought some pieces of handcrocheted lace, small doilies... even if they're not perfect they are very useful for little projects, like bookcovers. If you want to craft your own, I shared the instructions on Somerset Life a while back (Winter Issue 2011). I thought I'd share my article here just in case you hadn't the chance to see it and are interested in this project. Be sure to click on the images to enlarge and read.

I've lost several comments on my 'Bear Doll Pincushions' post due to the technical issues of Blogger. Be sure I read them all, even if they don't appear in the comment section anymore. Thank you for taking the time to comment!
May your weekend be serene and sunny! Happy Pink Saturday to all the Pinkies, and thanks for visiting.
Monica x.


  1. Hola Monica!
    belleza!! solo veo bellezas
    que tengas un lindo fin de semana
    un sabado maravilloso
    Kim es algo maravilloso
    me encanta kim

  2. The covers are so pretty. Great job of photographing the pinks roses - You have many talents.
    Look at Kim's sweet face. :)

  3. Hi Monica,
    Happy Pink Saturday! Your blush roses and books are lovely! The ribbons with buttons is a sweet touch. Wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing and give Kim a hug for me; such a darling doggie! Enjoy your weekend.


  4. Beautiful post, Monica, the roses are gorgeous, such a wonderful color !
    Kim is so sweet !!
    My last post disappeared, it showed up again, but I've lost comments too, everything else looks okay now.
    Have a nice Sunday,

  5. Your photos are so beautiful and soothing. They make me want to curl up with a good book and relax! A good book, retail therapy and your dog- sounds like a nice way to spend a weekend.

  6. Comments gone ???...o my we all have that problem...i lost 30 comments or so.....sad sad......but Kim make my day.....what a beauty !!...give her a bigggg hug from me...love your post today...beautiful pictures !!......love Ria....xxx...

  7. Oh this is pretty! Love those roses!
    Happy Pink Saturday.

  8. Oh Monica,
    You had me at cocooning! But then you just had to go there... retail therapy, thrift store, vintage lace- Bet those emotions are put in their place now- all tucked in and what not!
    Lovely Post, lovely photos, lovely blog, Happy PS!
    Sparkly Hugs,
    Tobi and the Pixies!

  9. No there is nothing better. Having coffee, curled up on a couch, good book and surrounded by pink.

  10. Your covers and photos are so fabulous!! Elegant!!
    Love them

  11. Wow, very beautiful!! I love what you did with the bookcovers and the flowers! Very inspiring :)
    Greetings from the Netherlands,

  12. Beautiful as ever. Emotional roller coaster, yes I understand. I am so glad you posted a pic of Kim. I have been wondering about her lately. sending a big hug your way.

  13. Oh your article looks beautiful!
    Sweet Kim :) she needs a blog of her own...
    Congrats on the thrifted tablecloth!!!

  14. HOW DID I MISS THAT BOOK COVER? ADORABLE!!!! Love it! Great idea for a gift too! Thanks for bringing it up again. Hope your'e feeling better. And the Blogger meltdown zapped all of us I think. HUGS!

  15. Gorgeous book cover!! Gorgeous photos, as usual. And I'm so happy to see Kim again! Adorable!

    Did you hear I'm hosting my Wedding Blog Party and Giveaway on June 10th? I do hope you will join us as I'm sure you would share such sweet things!! Read all about it on my blog!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  16. Dear Monica,

    So lovely to come and visit you today and see all your gorgeous photographs. Your pink roses, are so pretty, your white book covers beautiful and then sweet Kim, adorable. Many thanks for the kind birthday message you sent me.
    Hope that you are having a lovely week and sending hugs from New Zealand


  17. Happy Pink Saturday, dear Monica. Cocooning sounds nice the way you set it. In fact, it sounds like something I would love.

    No one does it better than you.♥

  18. Monica, your blog is amazing, and your photography is beautiful. So glad to have found you. x

  19. what a beautiful photos! thank you so much for sharing your gift.
    love, Claire


  20. Beautiful article and photos! So much talent! Big hugs!

  21. Thanks for the book plug - glad you enjoyed it. My husband will get a laugh out of you changing the cover to match your decor!

    Hugs, Jann Mitchell
    PS See what I do in Africa at www.bibijann.org


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