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Saturday, June 11, 2011

At the Moment I am...


Jane @ Posy in her footsteps, and posting something random today!


1. The fabulous gifts my super- duper- darling hubby sent me over directly from London! Aren't these adorable?? Maybe I love them so much because they're blue AND polka- dotted! My husband knows me for sure!

2. My watercolors!


1. Reading and meditating while healing (For those who kindly asked, thank you, I'm doing well!).
2. One of my latest finds, sooo me! (Oh, and wonderful, hot tea!;)).


1. A home, so bad!!
2. Better if thatched and with its own name (... a girl can dream!;)).


1. Wearing these, just come back from California!

2. A little vacation!


1. Rain, rain, rain!!!!! Where Summer and sun have gone??
2. Both my hands hurting because of the terrible damp weather :((


1. Plenty of sunshine and relax this weekend!
2. Lots of gorgeous finds at a yard/car boot sale!;)
Monica x


  1. I am a polka dot girl! Love your sweet gift! I am happy because your blog made me smile so much today! Enjoy the weekend and keep on dreaming those dreams! Anne

  2. I love the idea of a random post with a little fo this and that. Sometimes we spend too much time working on one single post and forget to just have fun and blog about what's on our minds right now. I hope you don't mind if I give this a try too:)



  3. love the format of this post and the gorgeous photographs that accompanied your sentients! i wish you sunshine....a haven to call your own....good health....and a small get away to cheer your spirits. be well dear monica!

  4. A beautiful post Monica! It made me grateful to be able to come and share a little in your life. Every time I see you in one of my favorite publications I smile and am so thrilled for you.
    Your pictures are so beautiful. A treat to see!
    hugs from here...

  5. Hi Monica just popped over to say hello and thank you for your lovely comment.I love your post and hope you get all your dreams and that you are feeling better.

    Hugs Pat

  6. I love your photos..they show how mucha care you put into everything..
    I wish you healed hands..soon:)

  7. Love your random thoughts, Monica. I find I do this sort of post quite often!


  8. What a beautiful post !! ..lovely weekend darling enjoy !! love Ria...xxx...

  9. Oh what a pretty post! I also caught up on your wedding. Can I just say heaven over your gorgeous handmade bouquet and that dress ooohhh la la!

  10. That tea cup is so so pretty xx

  11. Here I sit wishing I could hear some rain!!! Sigh!
    No rain here since December!!
    And the fires!! Yeow!!!
    Smoke everywhere...not good!!

  12. Hi Monica,

    I'm so glad you stopped by my blog to say hello. Thank you. I had no idea we were together again in Somerset...I'll wait for the mail soon.

    Love your new {?} banner ~ so pretty, as is all your work. I hope we can stay in touch a bit in this big blog world.

    Take good care bella,

  13. Ah Monica you and I in the rain. I too knew when I woke this morning it was raining as my hands felt stiff and sore. I am so glad your surgery has gone well. I wish I was there to make you laugh. You could be my teacher. That would make you laugh, I'm sure. Your sweet husband and the polka dots how wonderful. I am sure Kim is watching over you. I must return to the Dr. on Wednesday as my biopsy results came back and one was pre cancer. So must endure more work. You have not heard much from me as the antibiotic they gave me caused a nasty reaction. Turned out I am allergic to it. Will try to do better in writing. The zinnias are growing quickly by the way. Love Sharon

  14. What a wonderful idea, a random post! We met at the "Wedding Party" and I have just become your friend and follower. Hope you will consider same.

    Sorry to hear your weather is so rainy and cool. It is miserably hot here.

  15. Oh...this rain is terrible! it is thundering and raining right now. It makes me wants to stay cozy all day long at home!

    Love your new Cath Kidston pieces. This is a cute pattern and color. I love your new mug, too!

    You asked me about the strawberry salad we served at the wedding shower. The dressing is a balsamic vinegar and olive oil mixture. Proportions are as you like them.

    Hope you are feeling better and I will hope the rain goes away so your hands stop hurting!!


  16. Another beautiful post! Hugs

  17. Beautiful images, Monica! So glad you are recovering nicely! BTW, send TX some of your rain ~ we are D - R- Y!!!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents


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