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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's Not Necessary to Spend a Fortune to Assemble a Fabulous Gift!

... Just love, time and a bit of creativity!
I recently sent presents to a dear friend across the pond, and thought I'd share the presentation... I know my friend won't mind ;)

First, the container of my pretties couldn't be ugly... so I entirely covered a shoe box in old paper. I graced the lid with a vintage postcard printed on fabric, embellished with simple free- stitching. I'll spare the details of how difficult it was to make this with the the old sewing machine my Mom offered me to use :(( powered by foot pump- a nightmare!!!!!

The box itself is a present! As this was meant for storage, I didn't want to add bits and bobs, so boxes can be piled up easily. But you can, if you're inclined to. Millinery flowers, rhinestone brooches, lace, bows, rusty keys...

My presents, all vintage or handmade, were tied up in pattern paper, also vintage and beautifully yellowed with age. I will show you only a few of the gifts I sent along to my friend, you can simply adapt the packaging for different shapes.

One delicate gift was presented in another smaller box, covered in old book pages too, and with an original vintage postcard glued on the lid.

I added a beautiful French doily and three wish tickets.

Remember that for a neat finish, you'll need to cover the whole box and lid, even on the inside! It requires time, but I believe it is the attention to details that makes the difference!

You can use hand-stamped tags with notes to add interest and surprise to the unwrapping!

Now these ideas are meant for the 'vintage lovers' but you can surely adapt them with new colored papers, different images printed on fabric and little modern touches, if chippy paint, rust, stains and cracks don't make your heart skip a beat;)
I assure you'll have much fun and satisfaction assembling your gifts this way, and the recipient will be equally happy. Spending less than buying a magazine, and with totally reusable packaging to go green.
Have a wonderful day!
Monica x


  1. Hi Monica,

    The gift is so beautifully wrapped and your dear friend must have been thrilled to receive this.
    Hope that you are relaxing and healing well.


  2. Such beautiful and simple ideas. I love them. I hope that healing continues

  3. If I received gifts wrapped like that, I would not want to open them - to pretty. :D I used one of those old treadle sewing machines growing up. I have one now that belonged to my great aunt that still works and has all its parts. Actually my daughter has it and for some reason I don't think I will ever get it back. Take care of your hand.

  4. What a great gift like the box !!.......happy day darling....love Ria...xxx...

  5. Hi Monica,
    Very creative-a lovely treat for your friend.

    I hope you are recovering nicely.

    Take care,

  6. I have recieved one of your gifts and cherish my heart, the tags and was amazed by your packaging. you are teaching me much better ways dear friend. take care.

  7. What care and thought you always put into everything you do. This is a treasure and I am sure your friend shall cherish it. Hugs, Sharon

  8. Your gift wrappings are so beautiful! What a nice touch and a treat for the eyes! I am sure they loved these!!

  9. BEautiful, so glad you are recovering well. Big Hugs, Catherine x

  10. Love it! I have two people across the pond that I want to send something to so you have shown me how to make a beautiful presentation. Hope that you are feeling much better now!
    Take Care,

  11. Such pretty packaging and no doubt the gifts were equally fabulous! I have so many shoeboxes I've saved to decoupage but just haven't gotten around to it yet. The summer holiday is almost upon us and then time will be on my side. I'm glad to hear your surgery went well. I hope the next month flies by for you. If it is anything like my days have been this week, then surely it will. Best wishes to you and yours, Tammy

  12. Beautiful wrapping. I´m sure your friend will be trilled to receive such a beautiful package. I hope your recovery is going as planned.
    Have a wonderful day
    xo Tina

  13. Gorgeous wrapping, Monica. I love your ideas!

  14. Beautiful, Monica, so nice to receive a package like that, your friend will be so pleased !
    Love that vintage touch !
    Take care,

  15. That is dreamy good! Thanks for the project! Blessings and healing, Amy

  16. Monica, Thanks so much for your sweet comments about my article! I love inspiring people to be more personal in their artwork- it will make it so much more special for you!

  17. Oh how cute! I love your creativity. Wrapping gifts in unique and eclectic ways is so fun. The gift wrapping a lot of times is as exciting as the gift! I'm your new follower. Love your blog.

  18. What wonderful ideas you've shared! I will be putting together some inexpensive thank you gifts for my son's teachers this weekend and I just might use your decorated shoe box idea! I love it! Thank you for sharing!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  19. Oh these area great! Anyone would love receiving one of your sweet gifts! thanks for sharing with the party! xo Debra

  20. Soooo totally sweet, that gift and the way you give it.

  21. Monica,

    I know she will be so surprised at your thoughtfulness...straight from the heart!

    Art by Karena

    Come and enter my Amazing $250 Giveaway from Tracy Porter!

  22. HI Sweet Friend!

    I am finally back to perusing blogs, and your is, of course, the most beautiful of all. Your talent is only made better by all the love and heart you put in all you do. So happy your surgery went well. You are in my heart...always!


  23. Hi Monica! Don't think the message I left on this post ever went thru so I'll try again. Your friend is going to be ecstatic! The wrappings alone are gift enough! Love that you used the dress pattern tissue and twine and doilies, too! Just perfect!!!!

    Happy PS!
    Angelic Accents

  24. I love your tips on how to elevate the presentation of a gift! I feel very lucky to have received one in person and opening every little something was magical!




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