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Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Vintage Portable Studio.

A while back, while thrifting, I bumped into this genuine leather vintage train case... and it definitely was love at first sight!! You know, I almost didn't buy it!! We have to move again and having a lot of stuff to bring along with us (among which clothes, home essentials, plants (!), some pieces of furniture that haven't been stored, Kim, etc), I thought it was such a foolish idea! My stuff has increased fourfold since I'm here at my parents' (... no idea how!).
But I have such a thing for vintage luggage, and I already own some lovely pieces I've collected over the years. I recently realized that I cannot gather stuff only because I like it, and all my buys must also be useful. Hence the idea of a portable studio. I've seen some around Blogland, and it's lovely to now have my own, too.

What won me over, besides the genuine leather and its warm color, was the unusual lid. Opening in the half and with one handle on each part, it definitely allows to crazily stuff the case, without being concerned too much about its weight ;)

Just in case anyone is interested, I paid 8 euros/£7/$11,50 for this vintage beauty (some of my readers like to compare prices around the world). And the yummy millinery flower is actually the embellishment of a vintage circlet hat.

Would you like to sneak a peek inside? (... What a ridiculous question! Of course you want!! LOL).

As I couldn't put everything I use in here, I restricted myself to some small 'essentials' to create something pretty with.

In detail, you can see some scrumptious wrinkled seam binding I have treated myself to from this wonderful Etsy shop: Prairie Bird Boutique. Patsy, the shop owner, surely put love and care into making these lovely bundles! They are perfect for photo styling, too!

Some rolls of fabric tape...

... wooden hearts and tiny clothespins, heart pins, tags, baker's twine...

... vintage buttons...

... odd or broken earrings (these, not wearable anymore, belonged to my Mom)...

... Italian Coccoina glue, wish tickets, dried lavender flowers...

... glitter...

... some rubber stamps and ink pads...

... a few old pictures, scissors and a couple of 'devastated' books! I would have seen this with different eyes some time ago- being a lover of books! I now see these old pages intended for the bin as 'art supplies'...

I really had fun putting my portable studio together- now off to play!
Have a fantastic Sunday and week ahead!
Monica x


  1. Fabulous!!! idea, Monica. Love all the goodies you have in this case. Now, anxiously awaiting your creations ...
    Have a beautiful PS weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  2. Monica..I LOVE it..

    And all the contents..
    It's priceless..what a great deal you got.

    I love tat Italian glue..Had I known I would have picked some up..
    I just bought a tabletop easel yesterday..I like it..but sure wish it looked vintage..

    Pretty everything.

  3. So much nice things to look at in this post.

    Hugs Bente

  4. And whatever you create from that little case will be as divine as it is...I am sure of it, Monica. The perfect find!
    sending hugs...

  5. That´s an awesome suitcase Monica - great find. Love everything you have put in there. Such a great idea with a craft case.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend too.
    xo Tina
    ps: wouldn´t it be fun if you were able to come to London ;o)

  6. I love that, what a neat idea. Original, unique and I just love leather.

  7. Monica, what a great idea. I love your new piece and all that is inside. Hope you are having a lovely weekend,

  8. I LOVE your case... and what a BARGAIN! Oh my, you'd NEVER find a bargain like that here! If it's leather, you could expect to pay $50 for something so nice and vintage!!! And the treasures you've packed it with are wonderful! Happy creating!

  9. What a great bag filles with beautiful treasure!!...love xxx....

  10. soooooo lovely...inside and out!! wow...

  11. Hi Monica,

    I love your old leather suitcase and what a fabulous idea having it for your portable studio.
    Everything looks so pretty ~ the wrinkled seam binding is so sweet. We have the same Paris rubber stamp set.

    Happy weekend

  12. Wow! That is a gorgeous piece and filled to the brim with lovely creative supplies! How fun to carry that around, whip it open and craft to your heart's content. Enjoy! Blessings, Tammy

  13. Wow it is amazing everything you can get in there.
    Simply a box of wonderful treasures. You got me excited to create tomorrow when I wake up. hugs to you dear friend. you have fun too.

  14. What a perfect portable studio, Monica! And you got such a great deal on the train case!

    That seam binding is gorgeous!


  15. Love your portable studio!! Ahhh!! Ya gotta have glitter...that is a must have for sure! Ha!
    And your case is fabulous!! Love it!!

  16. What a lovely case, Monica, such beautiful color !
    And all those wonderful things in it !
    Hope the weather is better at your place, here it's cold (yesterday 16°), we haven't had a nice warm Summer till now, hope it gets better soon ...
    Big hugs,

  17. Very nice and at a great price.

  18. What a fantastic case. Of course you had to have it. Just look at what you have done with it!!!!! Fantastico!!!!!!!!I will have more zinnia photos to send you soon I hope.

  19. What a yummy collection of treasures in such a PRETTY CASE! You scored a great deal girlfriend! I just bought a 3 piece set of "Lady Baltimore" luggage. Perfect condition, white with the most amazing blue satin fabric(faded to alsmost lilac) for an obsene amount of money. Can't wait for it to arrive. YOURS has the most wonderful color to the leather. Mine is not leather so you again...LUKCY girl. That blue flower sets off the photo shoot to perfection. Do you like that glue? I have seen it but, never tried it. HUGS to you & Kim.
    Charlene & Elle

  20. Ciao Monica!

    May I please come and play with you? What a fun stash of goodies. I can only imagine the beautiful treasures you will create...and that case is truly divine. May I please go shopping with you too?

    Wonderful...and by the way, thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog post. I'd love it if you could come over when my shack is completed and play with me!

    Ciao bella ragazza,

  21. Love the case and LOVE all the essentials inside. so pretty...

  22. It's marvelous and put to such good use!

  23. A gorgeous piece filled with even more beautiful tidbits. I will be on the look out for one.



  24. Hi Monica..Just came across your blog and admired it's beauty..You have a
    lovely way that you present your photos..love the ones of you at Lake Como...it seems to get more beautiful over the years..I have added myself as a follower and your blog to my blog roll..Looking forward to seeing what else you come up with!

  25. This is so fabulous!! And sooooo pretty!! Enjoyed looking!! :) :) xx Holly


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