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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

At the Moment I am...


Really blessed, even if at times I may not notice. Sometimes I complain that I don't have a nest for my husband, doggie and I, that our stuff is stored away, etc. But when I look at my life from another perspective, then I am at peace. I have painted this mixed media a few days ago... I believe it sums up how I'm feeling right now just perfectly.


My 'calling'. I've always been an artist, but now I have decided to say a loud, clear YES to what is calling me! And I'm working accordingly. I am in the process of having a new website designed, hope things won't take too long, but I'm taking one step at a time. I'm practicing self- compassion and giving myself permission. Answering this call involved a great work on myself, on my fears, my committment... my heart and mind are clear now, and I seem to have endless energy. Hope this lasts!


My art+ photo portfolios. Do you remember my word for 2011 was 'EXPAND'?


At this amazing 'just because' gift I received from my husband! An incredible box of 120 Caran d'Ache Supracolor!! I have never had such a large assortment of water- soluble artist crayons! What I'm using at the moment are spared crayons of the same brand I keep in a chocolate box... from my school years... This gift is fabulous- now when will I have the courage to use them???? :)


... Or at least let's say I'm trying! I love painting backgrounds, like these, but when it comes to actual journaling, I feel turned down as I don't know where to start from (and maybe I'm fearful of putting my heart + soul on paper too). These pages are meant to be filled with my innermost thoughts and feelings... let's see.


I meant to keep you updated on the move, but things have been everchanging in the latest months, and I had no way to tell you something certain.
Now we have decided to postpone the move to the new year, because my husband's job is absorbing all his energies right now, and we have so many things to plan. Maybe we will be able to organize ourselves a bit more (and have time to plan!) going on a mini vacation in Autumn, as we haven't taken a single day off this summer (Saturdays and Sundays included!:-O)


The surroundings, and collecting natural elements (stones, foliage, flowers, etc). Can you believe I picked up the first horse chestnuts (from Aesculus hippocastanum) last week? Such an odd Summer this one! I have worn woolen sweaters in July, and now we are in the middle of a horrible heat wave that's melting us... and there are already horse chestnuts! In August!!
By the way, for those of you who kindly asked, my left hand is doing well. Not able to raise weights, yet, but I'm working on that.


... our brand new polka- dotted mugs (bought them in blue and red)! Isn't this cute?


... eating Nutella! I'm lucky that I'm really NOT a chocolate person, but I've experienced moodiness after my surgery, and I did this no-no!! I usually pay attention to what I eat, if it is healthy, organic, not fat, etc. Chocolate is also soo baaaaad for my weight!


These pics of Kim playing with her brand new pig my Mom has brought home for her are not perfect, but they are so cute that I had to share with you!!!!

Hope you like being kept updated on what's happening over here!
Monica x


  1. ...nutella will make you chocolate dependent,believe me!Beautiful paints,use as soon is possible your colours...see you.

  2. ooooo those pencils look good, almost too good to use! x

  3. I do enjoy the journey!! And that new pig toy is adorable. I want one too!! Ha!!
    Glad your hand is doing well!!
    And I have never had Nutella?? Guess I shouldn't, huh?
    Be well
    Love your art pieces!

  4. I must laugh from ear to ear...reading your post is like sunshine to me.....oww that lucky Kim......love that dog !! and you too...xxx...

  5. Nutella...tastes sooo good but, is soooooo bad!
    I tried to make the excuse that the ones sold in little glasses with lids were perfect for storing small leftovers in the fridge or for drinks on the bedside table or outside where flies are a problem......

    Your crayons from Hubby are delish! My dear old Dad would have loved those, don't think they were around until after he got his 'wings'!

    Love your blue daisies and the heart.
    Have a great week,

    Sandie xx

  6. Monica, I love all your art pics and your new crayons oh you will have fun with them. Glad to hear that you are doing okay with your hand. Loved seeing the picture of Kim. she is such a love. It sounds like you have a lot going on, It will be nice for you to get away on a little trip and for some r and r. Think of you often, gonna get that little package in the mail for you soon. I have had so much company that I just have not gotten a lot accomplished. Sending a big hug your way.

  7. What a post..filled with beauty as always..Love your art..including your photos..I had never heard of those pencils..i will look them up..What dear husband:) and have I told you i think you are so lucky to have a mommy:)

    Glad your hand is healing well..

  8. I can sense the very positive emotions in this post, Monica! Enjoy every day!!! xo

  9. I just happened acrossed your blog;I absolutely love it! You are a kindred spirit;I love your creative expressions! Have a beautiful day! :-)

  10. What a gorgeous post. I know how difficult and off-putting it can be to not have a nest; I have half of my belongings in storage as well, after an unexpected move. I can't wait until we move again this time next year, back to my perfect old house on the opposite coast. Just trying to be patient and enjoy what's in front of me... :)

  11. The photo of the watercolor pencils is inspiring in itself. So many gorgeous colors.

    "To everything there is a season."

  12. Sounds like you are flowing into a wonderful new phase ♥ The photos of Kim enjoying her new toy are precious xo

  13. I am soooo excited for you Monica! You are such a gifted artist...with the camera lens, or whatever manages to make it's way into those creative hands of yours!!

    Your art is simply charming, and I so look forward to seeing more!!

    Your courage begins TODAY! Fear is the opposite of faith, so no more fear...only faith!
    Faith that all that is awaiting release inside of you will flow out, in it's time, like a fresh, spring fed, shimmery river, and spill forth it's beauty into every area of your life, and the lives of those around you.

    It's going to happen...and what a lovely adventure!!

    Hugs and joy to you, sweet friend!

  14. The sky is the limit....and it seems....that you are on your way!

    Lou Cinda :)

  15. ..Monica,could you tell me the meaning of "a cat can purr its way out of anything"....I don't understand well this expression.

  16. I adore how you share your updates with us! I can't wait to see your new website and all of the itty bitty details. Sending good wishes your way my friend:)



  17. You know what they say ??? Chocolate makes you feel happy !!!
    But when I read this post I don't think you need many chocolate.
    I love this positive post.
    Have a great day.
    Hugs Marja
    ps. the quilt is almost ready but I have to wait to saterday to go to the market for some fabric for the back.

  18. To feel in peace, this is perfect, the rest will follow, it's a question of time and patience :) It will arrive! I have the same gorgeous box of Supracolor, my favorites with cumberland :) A great present!
    I love your polka-dotted mugs! Collecting natural elements... i like that as well :) This is a lovely post Monica! Big hugs! xo

  19. Dear Monica,
    So many wonderful accomplishments! The water color in blues is just spectacular!I love it.
    Your mugs are just my cup of tea...
    I enjoyed your post today..
    Have a sweet day and big hugs, Elizabeth

  20. I love this post Monica. We so share the same thoughts and feelings on so many things. I am so glad you are healing nicely.What a lovely "just because" gift from your husband. Weather is the same as yours (what's up with that)! Thanks for the cute pics of Kim. How can someone love a dog she has never met... well you know I do love Kim.
    I caught a huge elk in my garden eating a zinnia. I yelled at him that that was from my dear friend in Italy and to leave my garden this minute. My DH looked at me and said...I am sure he (the elk) understood what I said. I think he did as he left immediately.LOL Love you, Sharon

  21. What a wonderful post Monica. I hope you have a great weekend.

  22. Monica ~

    You are amazing. I am go glad I know you through our Somerset publications and our blogs. Your work is TO DIE FOR!!! Please take a moment and stop by my blog...I've got a treat for you...and by the way, your Pinterst boards are wonderful!

    Ciao bella,

  23. Oh my Monica! Visiting from Suzanne's happy place. Leave it to her to follow such amazing bloggers. You have a beautiful site here. So glad to make your acquaintance. I shall return!

  24. Great post, Monica !
    Love your paintings, glad to hear your hand is doing well and Kim is so cute playing with her new pig ...
    Don't eat to much of that Nutella :-)
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  25. Hello Monica,
    Stopping by from the e-course. Your photography is amazing! So beautiful and you have such a great eye. Wow! Very stunning. I could lost in your blog looking at all of your wonderful work. Your very talented. I love what you did with the corrugated cardboard. You made something so plain and boring into a very lovely thing to look at. Great work.

  26. what a lovely post monica!!!!!
    ho letto tutto e tra le righe ho capito che ti aspetto in autunno giusto?
    beh noi siamo sempre qui, quando vuoi e quando passi!(a parte durante il wedding!)

    un bacione cara e buon TUTTO


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