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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bitten by the Pinterest Bug...

During my recovery after surgery, I've joined Pinterest, after discovering by chance I had been pinned. By the way, maybe you've been too without even knowing! You can check, just putting your blog name, instead of mine, in this link:
Here's how some of my boards look like:

For those of you not familiar with Pinterest, the concept is really simple: virtually 'pin' on inspiration boards what you like around the Internet! It's a kind of visual book, like those many of us make with clippings from magazines.
I like it, because it pins images and links, so you can always keep track of something interesting you had seen before. Of course, I have no intention to abandon my inspiration books made of 'real clippings', to curl up with during the cold months or when I do need a little treat, but my Pinterest boards are quite a nice addition to them!
I have met several friends and bloggers there, and our boards are a fun way to know each other more, too.
If you want to join, request an invite on the main page (I received reply and a link to jump on board within 5 minutes, but I know some people waited nearly a week!).
... I must warn you, though... it's addictive!;)
Happy pinning,
Monica x.


  1. Yes pinterest is great !!! enjoy your sunday....love from me...xxx...

  2. your boards are lovely and i have been following some of them, delightfully, for awhile now! Pinterest is an amazing source of inspiration and I too am addicted to it! tfs! :)

  3. Hi Monica,
    I haven't been there yet, but my daughter is talking me into it. I have trying to wait for Winter, when life slows a little for me here. Thank you for the link to see if we've been pinned.
    I have enjoyed catching up on the lovely posts that I have missed here and enjoying spending a little of my Sunday with you.
    sending hugs from here...

  4. I only recently discovered the site Pinterest and I find it fascinating and useful to find new ideas and new links.
    In general I share what I find on the web via my facebook profile, but also Pinterest is a useful way to share interesting links.
    Your blog is always beautiful, Monica! ^_^

  5. Monica I am going to join I have checked it out but don't want to do anything until my Mom is all moved to her new place the weekend of September 10, then when I get back I will be checking you out on Pinterest. have a great week.

  6. I am hooked too :-)
    Your boards (like your blog) are fabulous ♥

  7. I found Pinterest a couple of months ago. You're right - it is addictive. Thanks for letting us know you are on the site - I've started following some of your boards.

    And thanks for the info about finding out whether or not I've been pinned - I looked and I have been!

  8. I'd love to join but gosh I would get too addicted right now I reckon, juggling so many items in the air! But very tempted since you showed me before. I hope you are continuing to heal well. HUGS, Catherine x

  9. so addicting... but so much fun!

  10. I love Pininterest. I love the boards you have. I like how you have Something Pink, Something Blue, etc....... I could spend days just browsing.



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