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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Found Beauty #4, Vintage Treasures and French- inspired Tags.

Hello there, friends!
You know I love to capture beauty around me through my lens and the little things and moments that make me happy! And then share them with you...
This vintage camera is a family heirloom, as it belonged to my Grandfather (on my dad's side)...

It's not a precious camera, as money was tight and that was the only thing my Grandfather, with seven children, could afford. It's precious to my eyes, though... I actually didn't mean to take good pictures, to style professionally... What truly meant was to capture the magic of this object and my feelings, being able to hold it in my hands for the first time, observing each and every detail of it, smelling the vintage leather, bringing back memories. Just enjoying the moment.

The page I used as background in my little photo- shoot is one map of France from my vintage atlas, I found back in June at the flea market. And just in case you're wondering, I still haven't had the heart to cut it!! However, I have found another cheaper one for my paintings and creations :)

I also have been playing with the fabric tape I showed you some posts ago, making super fast and easy French- inspired tags. This project took me less than ten minutes.
I had no time to stain all of my tags, so I used plain tags, as they came out of the package (and only one I had stained before, so you can appreciate the difference). I usually love to stain paper before adding embellishments, but I must say I like the way the plain ones came out.

They are lovely to use for gift wrapping and even for display. See, I added one to my portable studio!

How did I make them? Just stamping down on the tag with my awesome Cavallini rubber stamps, then adding a dried lavender flower attached with a strip of fabric tape.

I also used one of them to add a touch of frivolity to my fabulous find of last week!! Vintage trunks and suitcases are at the top of my 'wish list' when I go antiquing and thrifting. During this transition in my life, without a house of my own, they are super useful to store my stuff too. Found these in my favorite thrift shop, and they were 50% off (so I REALLY made a great deal!). I bought these two and also a vintage cardboard suitcase.

My Dad had to help me fixing them a bit (... I'm cherishing these moments!), and then I spent endless hours lining them with book pages... but it was worth it!

Hope you're having a nice Summer weekend!
Monica x


  1. i love that you have your grandfather's camera! he would be so happy knowing that his love of photography is alive in you. your pictures always tell a beautiful story....they touch me so.

    i adore your french tags...love the way you use the printed tape on them! merci dear monica!

  2. Lovely post Monica, I love the camera story and to have you wonderful Father helping you with a project is fantastic. Have a lovely day,

  3. Have I told you lately I love your posts:)
    I too have a very vintage family camera that is on display here:)
    I don't have a portable studio yet..apart from old purses..:) I am hoping one day to find one for the budding artist wannabe inside me..
    How nice of your papa..

    And how lovely your tags.
    A treat every time I visit.

  4. The camera is priceless. I love your photos of it - and the suitcases are a great find, Monica!


  5. Monica,

    I love old camera's too and I see them all the time in vintage shops, but it would be wonderful to have one with sentimental value, like your grandfather's. It looks very nice photographed on the map.

    Your tags are lovely...I have always wanted to make a few and think they would be lovely on gifts. Thanks for motivating me!! And I LOVE those suitcases...perfect for storage and display!

    I hope you have been having a wonderful summer!


  6. A real treasure - especially since it belong to your Grandfather. You did a great job of photographing it also. Your tags are pretty! I made some a few years ago - don't know why I did not keep making them.
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  7. Dear Monica,

    I love your sweet camera and how much more precious it is that it belonged to your Grandfather.
    Your old suitcases are wonderful and neat that you have a handy Father that is helping you repair them.
    Also the tags are lovely.

    Hope that you are having a happy weekend

  8. You make the most beautiful things Monica !....like the tags !!..beautiful decorated pictures !!....love form me...xxx...

  9. Monica, just a wonderful post. I think you make the most beautiful things too, I love that you have your Grandfathers camera. The suitcases are great and I love that you and your Dad worked on them together. have a great weekend. hugs to you.

  10. I love these photos - old cameras, tags, paris and lavender!! all very me!!

    Thanks for stopping by, because of my broken foot i haven't been able to decorate- but now i am off crutches - yay!! The boys go back to school soon, so i will have lots of time to do what i want to the house. Having a broken foot has ment i have been able to really look round the house and decide what i'd like to do, instead of rushing in.
    Every cloud has a silver lining :)



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