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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Gifts in the Mail!

I have met the most wonderful friends in Blogland!
Besides being supportive and helpful, being sweet, being kind, being fun, we also exchange opinions, secrets and little gifts every now and then! It might sound strange to non- bloggers, but I can assure the bonds you create in Blogland can be strong and fulfilling, often even stronger than in 'real life'.
Karriann and I were partnered for a Valentine Swap (my first and last) in 2008, and have immediately become very good friends. We like to surprise each other with a few tokens of friendship sometimes, that's why a parcel filled with goodies arrived at my doorstep last week.
Karriann is very talented in designing and making jewelry, and I am the proud owner of several of her pieces. Absolutely LOVE this simple Nest Necklace. Pearls... nest... a little birdie. Perfect.

And when I opened a little parcel wrapped in handmade paper, I just squealed with delight! Into a cute patchwork bag that Karriann sewed especially for me (I appreciate her efforts even more because she said she' s a beginner, and tried to make one just because she knew I like things like that!), she slipped a travel watercolor box, and a bundle of watercolor paper. A small 'take- along'... Isn't this thoughtful?

And she also surprised me with a little collage with a pic of me as a little girl! I adore the writing... "Her heart soars, and wonder never leaves her".

The old thread spool will be useful to store lace in my studio.

She also sent along a notebook, a beautiful book and magazines, to curl up and relax with during the long summers evenings. Thank you dear friend xoxo

I feel very blessed to have made such wonderful, thoughtful friends thanks to my blog! Everything was done especially for me... what a wonderful feeling, that someone REALLY thinks of YOU and cares, when assembling a gift! It was so rare before being a blogger (and I must confess, it was something I have lacked tremendously and suffered for, in the past).
Hope you are having a good week. Kim and I are trying to survive this awful hot and humid weather :(
Monica x


  1. What a wonderful surprise & such lovely gifts from Kim.
    Yes, bloggy has given us many fabulous sweet friends we'd never have been able to enjoy & share life with.
    Have a great week ~ enjoy your treasures.
    TTFN ~

  2. Wow, how thoughtful. What beautiful gifts, it must have felt like Christmas had come early.

  3. What a thoughtful gift to receive. It makes you feel special when someone puts that much thought and effort into the gift.
    Dealing with the heat issue here also.

  4. You know what..you are so right..the kindness of people I have met:) while blogging has never ceased to amaze me..
    Sweet emails.. kind words..

    It really is all so special..
    You don't always know what's going on in someone's life. sometimes you do..regardless..
    I am with you..true friendships can be made online..and when you are lucky enough..you get to meet them in person.

    Your gifts ..what touched me most..the thoughtfulness..

    Love the bag..great heartfelt job..the necklace too..the photo of you little and of course the travel watercolors..
    I just tried my first gouache..
    It's as inexperienced as my watercolors..but what a relaxing sweet treat.
    Enjoy Monica..
    Karriann..I don't even know you..but it's easy to like you already..
    What a sweet post.
    It is so nice to feel loved.

  5. What a great gifts...love from me...enjoy summer....hugs for sweet Kim...and you of course,....xxx...

  6. How lovely is that?
    A very thoughtful assembly of goodies, I like the way you've already got a place or use in mind for everything!
    Lucky lady!

    Sandie xx

  7. Hi Monica,

    Such a sweet and thoughtful gift from Karriann and I adore the sweet necklace of the nest with bird.
    I agree with you blogging friends are the best and having received the most beautiful gift from you, displayed on my memory board, makes me smile with the friendship we are able to share.
    Hope that you and Kim manage to stay cool and enjoy the summer.


  8. Such a lovely post. I agree wholeheartedly! I am so blessed to have met so many wonderful friends through blogger, many who were in my own city and now see often. Hope you're having a great week.

  9. What thoughtful gifts for a special lady! The necklace is darling and the the picture of you as a child is priceless. You were adorable then and 6you still are. Love and hugs friend, Sharon

  10. What a wonderful package from a treasured friend!!
    I love the little tote she made! Sure looks like she can sew to me!! Just lovely! And of course all of the other goodies are delightful. My fave is the necklace. Sooo pretty!

    Enjoy, Monica!
    Some of the loveliness you give away coming back to you!

  11. What a wonderful package and I'm sure your friend was as thrilled to send it as you were to receive it....enjoy!

  12. What beautiful gifts from a dear friend; you can tell much thought and love was put into your treasures!


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