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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Goodbye Summer...

On the last day of August, I thought I'd make a collage to sum up what I did this Summer.

1. Enjoyed lots of fresh flowers, from the farmers market, supermarket or given me, as I have no garden at the moment;
2. washed all of my linens, doilies and antique lace, in order to have them ready and lavender-smelling when I have to use them;
3. ate comfort food but then realized I had to choose positive thinking instead;
4. had my coffee filter roses published in Somerset Life (thanks again, Christen!);
5. assembled a portable studio in a vintage train case (absolutely love it!);
6. had my eco- chic stationery published in Green Craft Magazine (thanks Amanda and Jennifer!)
7. felt free;
8. had fun with fabric tape;
9. answered my 'calling' and expanded my art portfolios;
10. made lavender bundles for the cold season ahead;
11. explored the surroundings together with my dear ones;
12. created inspiration stones.
I must tell you I thoroughly enjoyed summer 2011, even if with its ups and downs! Hope you had a nice one, too.
Now... waiting for Autumn, my favorite Season!... Yippee!!
Monica x


  1. What a beautiful montage of summer and your journey through it!! Love it

  2. Hmm..some of your things you did became some of mine:)

    Well one at least..I made one of your stones for when my friend returns from her trip..:)

    I coveted your vintage train case..:)
    I made lavender bundles..on my own..I have to every year..
    I bought more paints..you were an inspiration..

    So thank you for every pretty moment this summer.
    I enjoy every single one of your posts.
    You are a nice person:)

  3. Hello!!! What a wonderful recollection of your summer; your collage is fabulous! (Our internet has been going off/on ever since storm - happy I had this moment to see your post!)

  4. You have accomplished a lot this Summer - like the way you summed it up in the collage.

  5. You've lived life to the full this summer in spite of life's realities - and that's a good thing! Such a pretty collage of your summer.

  6. Loved reading the descriptions of each picture. Hope you have a wonderful fall season!

  7. Yes....almost the end of the summer.....a summer i will never forget........love form me...xxx...

  8. Lovely mosaic, Monica! You had a fulfilling and wonderful summer it seems. I love that you have been published, that must be a thrill. Your photography is beautiful as always!


  9. Sounds like a fabulous summer. Autumn is my fav, too but here in Florida we don't get to experience it. Boo hoo.

  10. Your summer looks wonderful,I can't believe Autumn is here already!

  11. lovely..i adore "automne" as well! bring it on!

  12. Well done. I love your summer. You were actually quite busy. Hope by now your hands have mended well. I am looking forward to Autumn too. Our summer really was a strange one weather wise, and I spent most of it painting and making journals. Hoping for a warmer Fall. Have been protecting my zinnias from these rather large Elk that have decided to visit. LOL Love to you and Kim.

  13. I loved your summer and thanks for sharing it with us. Fall is upon us here. I had to close all my windows today, it was rather cool. you may want to check out my giveaway, drop by if you get a chance. hugs.

  14. It looks and sounds like a wonderful summer, Monica.

    Summer and Autumn are my busiest times at work, and I miss part of the joy of the seasons. I look forward to the day I can retire so I can savor it all.

  15. Being new to your blog , this gave me a chance to take a trip down your summer memory lane which I thoroughly enjoyed. Well rounded and oh so creative.

  16. Such a lovely Summer recap mosaic Monica!
    I love the new look on your blog ~ gorgeous header photos & I've clicked on each and every link ♥
    Hope you {and of course, Kim} are having a wonderful weekend!

  17. It sounds like and looks like you were exactly where you are suppose to be. Thanks for sharing, Happy Summer, Kathy

  18. You had a busy summer. I have that copy of Somerset on my nightstand next to our bed. Bought it specifically for your piece. Now, I just have to make my own coffee filter roses. Love your collage. Blessings,

  19. Dear Monica,
    I am quite happy to have discovered your blog. It is so very lovely. Your artwork is beautfiful! Love the arrangement of the pictures,and thoughts about your summer!

  20. Beautiful memory share, Monica. Congrats on your publication ...

    Curious 'why' the first week of Sept. always brings a nip of autumn early ... same with each season. We are chilly & soaking wet here.

    Hope you had a lovely holiday.
    TTFN ~


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