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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dried Flowers.

I've always loved dried flowers... they add a touch of old- fashioned beauty to my home, and help preserve the scent and colors of Summer for Winter enjoyment.
I made this arrangement for my happy Mom this year :) with the hydrangeas from my aunt and peonies my Mom gave me when I had surgery in May.

You can see the vintage suitcase I lined with old book pages too... I'm very happy with it as storage for my mixed media canvases.

To dry my flowers, I use the 'classic' method of hanging them upside down in a not-so-bright and most importantly not humid, spot of my home. Love the result.

And you? Do you like dried flowers?
Monica x.


  1. I have never dried my own flowers, but it seems so simple, I may have to give it a go! Thanks Monica.

  2. I just adore these flowers, so pretty and vintage, they are my favourite along with roses and lavender :) great photos.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  3. Oh yes ~ I LOVE them! Yours are gorgeous, Monica!

  4. Yes only roses and hydrangea's.......great color!!..enjoy a happy evening,...love from me...xxx....

  5. I prefer fresh flowers, because of their brilliant colors and scent.Your photos are gorgeus !!

  6. Gorgeous! I used to have a dried flower business and the ceiling of my studio had hanging racks. I would fill them up with flowers and pull them way up, 20 some feet, tie it off and let them dry. It was wonderful to sit back and look up at all the glorious colors. It was like summer again in the middle of winter. Some little girls would visit and always asked to go to my garden. There moms would look at them and say, "but its snowing!" They would giggle and say "Not in her garden" and head to my studio just to look. What fun we had.

  7. I love this arrangement. Dried hydrangeas are a whispering echo of summer in the fall and winter - so beautiful in their faded colors.

  8. I too love dried flowers....especially hydrangeas and roses. They help get my through my winter blues every year. I adore your pictures!



  9. Hanno mantenuto dei colori bellissimi!
    Ho letto dal profilo che sei italiana e quindi posso scriverti nella nostra lingua
    Buona domenica sera

  10. So pretty! Love the colors.

  11. I love them and did a post about them too..Your photos are lovely and your blooms sentimental:)

    So nice!

    My daughter has a new neighbor who originates from a small town near Milano.Love her accent..her charm:)

    The magazine was Sale & Pepe:)

    Are you fully recovered from the surgery?
    I hope so.. w/all your White Bench:)

  12. Such lovely hydrangeas and they have such lovely memories for you, too! I have some hanging in my cellar at this very moment! ;)

  13. Absolutely! Hands down, they're more attractive than silk and the colors are unparalleled! Beautiful! I remember my mother hanging flowers upside down in our garage when I was a little girl...I haven't thought about that in a long time. Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. I love dried flowers but haven't mastered it yet! Great job with yours:)

  15. I love dried flowers too, Monica, they have such a nice color !
    Yours are gorgeous !

  16. Stunning my dear!!!! LOVE the colors. I had NO hydreangea's or any other flower this year as our summer was HORRID!!!! We burned up! Thank you for sharing the beauty of yours.

    I just did a thank you post (with Links) for my sweet gift from you & Kim. Elle & I appreciate everything sooooooooo much. YOU have become quiet the famous person with all the publishings in the different magazines! Couldn't happen to a sweeter gal. HUGS!

  17. I LOVE drieds almost as much as I love fresh Monica. They have such a magical look about them I think. Your bouquet is gorgeous! And as always your photos are amazing!

    So great to read your lovely words at my place.

    hugs from here...

  18. Yes I love them, and yours are beautiful!
    Big hugs xo

  19. Wow, I'm amazed that you were able to preserve the beautiful colors...the arrangement is gorgeous! And thanks very much for the sweet message that you left over at my blog.

  20. I LOVE dried hydrangeas... that display is just stunning!


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