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Friday, September 9, 2011

Good Readings and Published Again!

Yesterday I took a little break from work... just to relax for a while with some of my favorite readings.
I had just received my copy of Somerset Holidays and Celebrations, where I have an article about my cotton sachets, especially created for the magazine with a Valentine's Day theme. You can sneak a peek in my 'Craft' page in the top bar. Thank you so very much to Jennifer for making this possible! I love love love this annual publication, and it's such a honor to be included again.

I prepared yummy cucumber sandwiches (... I adore them, much to my italian family's disbelief! It must be my English soul ;)) and hot tea to be sipped quietely. I used my new red polka dotted and striped set I have mentioned before (so I have the chance to show you the red dishes too). It makes my food taste even better!

The new Cath Kidston catalogue arrived too...

Have you spotted the new Fall Collection? I honestly don't like indiscriminately all by CK, but truly I am in love with their oilcloth bags! I find the tartan ones very stilish, and love these in autumnal colors. So me.

This one (but in smaller size) is on my wish list for my Spring/Summer walks with Kim... ;) is someone hearing out there? Hehe.

... Sandwiches and tea all gone! Happy belly :) ... Off to work again! I have many things boiling in my cauldron at the moment... better to go instead of chatting!

Have a super duper weekend everyone! We are having a wonderful weather over here...
Monica x


  1. Enjoy a happy weekend darling.....with more time to relax i hope....love love from me...xxx..

  2. I spotted the tartan bag too and thought it would look lovely with winter outfits. I already have it in the spotty version and it's much admired. Lovely photos!

  3. I learn so much from you..what cheery polka dot pics:) Congratulations on being published..But they are lucky:)

    I've never had one or both of those magazines..I must seek one out!

  4. Congrats Monica.
    How very exciting and a great way to start your weekend.

  5. That tartan bag is wonderful - I never thought of oilcloth in plaid before! I, too, LOVE cucumber sandwiches! ;)

  6. Great photos - really made me smile xx

  7. Congratulations Monica! That is so exciting for you. I also saw your blog featured in the October issue of Romantic Homes magazine.
    Well deserved recognition of your talents!
    Take care,
    Susan (hope you get that cute purse)

  8. Congratulations on your latest publication ♥
    I agree, everything tastes better served on lovely dishes - I love the red & white (and cucumber sandwiches too) :-)
    Hope you and Kim have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Congratulations, Monica. I've ordered that publication - I think it comes out Oct 1.

    Tea and cucumber sandwiches sound like a nice way to spend some time.

  10. Congratulations, Monica !
    I love your new blog look and that red and white set is so gorgeous !
    Enjoy the weekend, tomorrow we'll have warm and sunny weather too, it will be so nice after all that rain we had lately ...
    Hugs to you and kim,

  11. Love the cheery polka dot dishes. How is sweet Kim doing these days. We are FINALLY having wonderful warm weather and Teddy loves laying on the lawn and getting a warm tummy from the sun. Take care, Sharon

  12. oh congrats! your beautiful creations MUST be shared with all! lovely...

  13. Your such a STAR girl!!! How's that sweet puppy girl doing? Has she made the adjustments pretty well???? I still have my "goodies" from you sitting on my desk. I haven't had time to try that new glue but, I can't wait. I have heard sooooooooooooooooooo much about it. THANK YOU again for thinking of me! Hugs to YOU & Kim!
    Charlene & Elle

  14. I am still new to your blog and just loving it! I love that tartan bag too! xo Diana

  15. I love all your pretty treasures today. This was a beautiful post. OOhh...polka dots! I love them! Enjoy your weekend. Anne

  16. LOVE the mug and your new style blog is just lovely. Adore that brown flower bag! Have a lovely weekend, Catherine x

  17. So glad to find your lovely blog in Romantic Homes! I love those red dishes..sooo cute! I realized I have also seen your gorgeous work in the Somerset magazines..love those magazines. I find it hard not to buy them all..such inspirational eye candy!Julia

  18. Monica,

    Love the new look, the photos in this post, ah well, everything about your glorious blog. Our weather in Michigan is lovely and as it should be this time of year. Yay! Hugs.


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