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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tutorial: Coffee Filter Roses.

Romantic, eye- catching, beautiful, inexpensive, easy-to-make, great as favors and as tokens of love, friendship or appreciation...
Thank you to all the lovely ladies that sent me sweet notes about them!! And sorry if I couldn't share this tutorial earlier on my blog.

OK, let's start with gathering the supplies needed. Nothing outside the ordinary tools and materials you have at home.
For one rose you'll need:
- coffee filters (about 15)
- scissors
- a pencil
- normal sewing thread
- coffee
- a cup
- cinnamon, spices
- tin foil
- oven
- paper adhesive tape
- stripes of cotton
- ribbons, button
- a wooden stick for the stem
- a bbq stick
- tags, clothespins, rubber stamps (all optional)

1. Start tracing the petals on the coffee filters, with a pencil, then cut them out. I used the patterns available on Martha Stewart's website here:

2. Start assembling the rose, simply using thread to keep the bottoms of the petals together. Do not cut it from the spool until you're finished. This is my own method, you could also use florist's tape instead of thread.
Use the smallest petals first, and then proceed assembling the bigger ones, always turning your 'bud' and making a knot every now and then as you proceed.

3. When you're happy with the size of your rose, cut the thread and secure with three or four knots.

4. To age the rose, soak it in a cold mixture of coffee, cinnamon and other ingredients that stain, you can easily find in your kitchen. Just experiment to find the 'magic recipe' that works for you! It might be necessary to wash a bit of the color off, for a more natural look.

Then put the rose on an oven pan covered in tin foil (to not damage it), and sprinkle with cinnamon.

5. Bake at medium heat for about 15 minutes. Always, always keep an eye on your work when it's in the oven!

6. With adhesive paper tape, attach the rose on a common wooden stick. Twist the tape very firmly.

7. With a stripe of ripped fabric, cover completely the wooden stick, as showed. No glue is necessary.

8. With the help of a skewer stick, turn the edges of the petals downwards, to conphere a natural look to the flower.

9. Finish the rose off with a bow made of ribbons, stripes of cotton, ... and a handsewn button.
Add a tag if you want, with a handwritten or stamped sentiment on.