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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tutorial: Felted Acorns.

As promised, here's the first of my new crafty tutorials! Felted acorns... They are so sweet, arent' they? And just perfect for Fall or Winter decor.
The technique I am going to explain is the one I use, with my own personal 'touch' (like using a cheese grater! Hehe)... no idea if someone else makes these differently, this is the way I make them.

Tools and Materials:

Some people make use of a single needle, but I strongly suggest to use multiple needles in a pen tool!
Be extra careful when using this tool, because needles have 'barbs' that are responsible for the felting of the wool. If you don't feel comfortable in holding the acorn with your hand, use a fork or pliers to hold it.

Step 1: Rolling the wool in your hands, make a ball.

Step 2: Place your acorn-to-be on the felting mat and start hitting it with the needles. Always wear a brace when you do ripetitive movements with your hands!!!! I will never tire of saying that. It helps preventing the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Here you can see the acorns in different stages of the process.

Now ready to further felt. Your acorns are already felted, this step just imparts a smoother look.

Step 6: Soak the acorn in warm/hot water. The following steps should be done at the sink (I did them on a plastic plate for shooting reasons).

Step 7: Soap your hands as well as the acorn, and start to roll it in your hands and on the grater. Don't apply too much pression, be gentle!

Final steps: Rinse out the excess of soap, wipe in a clean towel, and let the acorns dry.
Then hot glue their original cap, holding it tight for a few seconds.

Hope you have fun, too, making these!
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  1. They are really delicious and I thank you so much for the explanations very clear that I was looking for so, having seen several blogs and photos, I have always been curious!
    The choice of pretty colors, I love the blue sky!
    Hugs, Monica!

  2. they are so cute!!!!! love them

  3. What cute tools too..
    I have never heard of this craft.I have so many acorns..(My neighbor's tree) they fall here:( This would make good use of them..
    So cute Monica..and lovely step by step tutorial~ Thank you..Have a great day.

  4. Brilliant tutorial Monica! I must somehow find the time to make some. They are just so sweet. You really are multi talented!
    Isabelle x

  5. I have been wanting to make felted flowers and didn't know the process! Thanks for the clear instructions on felting! This is a cute idea!

  6. Monica, I have missed you so much! These are adorable, I bought the little caps last year, thinking I would make these, but now I will for sure!!!
    Thanks for sharing! I am glad to be out blogging today!

  7. This is so great !!!...lovely done !!....warm hugs from me...xxx..

  8. Monica you are just too cool for words! Thank you for the tutorial...so easy to follow. (and you have such lovely hands;)
    I was so happy to see you in my new issue of RH. I get so excited to open a publication and see your amazing art and photos there!!!
    sending hugs from here...

  9. oh how sweeet! I must give them a try! ;0

  10. They are so cute. I have never tried felting but you make it look easy. You could turn your acrons into a necklace. Drop by my blog I am hosting a giveaway in celebrating of my 100th follower. Kathy

  11. I already make and sell these, but love your tutorial!! Love all of them as a matter of fact!
    You're such a sweetie to share! And I think it is sooo cool that so many of your items get featured in publications!!

    Thanks, sweetie!
    Have a glorious Thursday!!

  12. I love this!!! How much fun to make although where will I find these caps.... love your beautiful tutorials

  13. You're so creative, Monica, they are so beautiful !
    Thanks for the tutorial !
    Wish you a great weekend,

  14. I bought some on etsy but had NO clue how felting was done. I truly would have never guessed either. Wonder who figured it out? LOL.

  15. Monica, what a lovely blog!!

    Thank you for visiting mine today and for your kind comments. Please come back again. I'm adding yours to my list of favorites!

    Happy Fall!

  16. Monica, I LOVE these cute acorns! I always find myself photographing them and also try to draw them. Notice I said TRY to draw them, LOL!

  17. Thank you for this gorgeous tutorial!!!

  18. You are so creative. Monica, I wonder to watch how beautiful work you done here. Thanks for the clear instructions. This is a cute idea and very great to share with us.
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  19. These are just so lovely and I like your tutorials - your photos are beautiful!

  20. Ooh thank you for showing how it works! I'll have to find a mat like yours... Have a great day! xo

  21. Before you attach the caps, maybe string together for a garland.


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