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Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Journey Toward Your Dreams Begins Today.

Print available in my shop here.

I'm happy to tell you I've finally started to share my art. I've been pampering it for years, I've been very protective towards my 'baby' and now I feel ready to share it with the world :)
Several new artworks have been created, finished, scanned and registered, and are ready to be released. I will show them from time to time, adding new prints to my brand- new art shop or just use them to accompany my words here on my online journal. I'm giving myself permission to do all the steps at my own pace... to deeply savor the moment... It has been in my heart and mind for so long, that I am a bit emotional right now.
I'm also giving my blog permission to evolve. I don't want to split subjects into different blogs, as I am one, even if with many and disparate interests. My art will be here as well too. One place only where to find me and see what I'm up to.

I believe there's no better painting than the one above to accompany this post. After all, the journey toward my dreams begins today.
Monica x


  1. It's fabulous Monica..Your art is unique.
    I know you will do well with whatever venue you decide for your work.

  2. Congratulations on on your newest endeavor friend. Your work is beautiful, inspiring, and heartwarming....just like you:)



  3. This is great news darling !! congratulations !!....love from me...xxx...

  4. Monica you are so very talented, I am so happy for you. Best of luck as you move on with your specail dream.

  5. Monica, so beautiful, the colors are gorgeous, I'll take a look at your new art shop !
    What a wonderful dream, wish you all the best with it !
    It's cold here too and I have a bad cold, I felt terrible but it's better now ...
    Wish you a nice Sunday,

  6. Your artwork is so beautiful & inspirational! I am on your Etsy favorite list now. Thanks for sharing your gift with us.


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