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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Painting Makes Me Happy!

... You already knew that... and I knew too, down in my heart! What's incredible is that we often tend to ignore the inner voice that keeps telling us what we're meant to do...
These brand- new paintings are part of a new-born collection where I played with pale colors over a collage of vintage and antique papers... totally in LOVE with the result!

I painted this piece to help me in my journey toward a helthier life... I've been struggling with my weight for my entire life, and only now I've realized it's just my mind and attitude towards my body I have to change... and I committed to.

Have a wonderful week ahead, my friends! Oh, for those interested in my art, prints of these and other mixed media paintings are available here. As a token of appreciation for your continued support in what I do, I am offering to all of my blog readers, a 15% off anything you might like in my shops. Just enter the code HALLOWEEN1 when checking out. Valid through November, 6th.
Off to make something crafty and messy now- hope to show you soon!:)
Monica x.


  1. Your pieces are lovely. I love the combination you used.


  2. Beautiful darling !!!...love from me...xxx.

  3. You look perfect and beautiful to me.

    And everyone else I am certain!

    Lovely artwork.
    It's so nice to have something you love to do and do so well.

  4. Monica your paintings are beautiful as are you, no matter what your weight you are an inspiration to all of us and you are loved.

  5. Monica, these pieces are soothing and warm. They make me feel peaceful and I'm glad that you are listening to the inner voice that is saying "do this". That is something I need to do...very much.

    As for the weight issue...changing attitudes and perceptions...I believe that we all benefit in our lives when we do that...whether it is because of how we "treat" ourselves that shows outwardly or something only we know about on the inside. I wish you much joy and much success as you make this journey towards a healthier you!

  6. These are beautiful! Love the colors and the different textures !

  7. Monica- Those are beautiful! Your art just says so much- butterflies always bring me peace and happiness..as I think of them soaring in all their beauty...These images are~Truly inspiring.

    I so get the weight thing-I have been up and down my whole life..and am finally following a program that works for me and doesn't cost me a cent-except my investment of time. I am down 27 pounds since July 18th...not a fast fix...but a journey to wellness!

    God bless you- I need to do more for my inner self, too, and I am headed in that direction.

  8. They're beautiful, Monica. The colors are so serene.

    Hugs, Diane

  9. Hi Monica,
    I have been sitting here reading your last four posts that I haven't gotten to see until this morning. Your painting is absolutely amazing. I loved the winged heart (actually every single one). What a gift you have been given. And how wonderful that you are now using it to it's fullest.
    I hope your issue of RH gets to you soon. Can you let me know if it makes a good arrival?
    sending hugs from here...

  10. Hi Monica. I just love your painting. The colors are so beautiful.

    Have a nice week

    Hugs Bente

  11. Dear Monica,
    Everytime I visit your blog,it is such a delight! Best wishes on everything that you're dreaming of.

  12. Monica, I so can tell you love painting and you are so good at it. I love seeing your creations. good luck with the new journey. I finally am on track and have been making some huge strides, I am lucky they have a good program here...Working on cutting out all wheat products....pop, creamer,,,etc. lol. hugs to you. I am going to go look at your shop now. take car.

  13. Easier said than done, learning to love ourselves the way we are, I struggle with it a lot about myself. All we can do is keep on working towards it. Happy you are happy when you paint, and are taking the time to feed your creative spirit, beautiful calming art work my dear :)

  14. Your beautiful creative spirit shines through each one of these paintings. I'm glad you've found joy in painting. Keep at it!

  15. Monica,

    Your work is so beautiful. Your images bring so much joy to me! Love, Love, Love!!! Thanks for sharing them!
    Kris :-)

  16. Your work is absolutely breathtaking!
    And Your profile...it could be mine too !
    Is Your zodiac sign "Aquarius" by any chance?
    Well...i came to visit and I will stay...it feels good here.
    Best to you!

  17. Dear Monica,

    I love your latest Artwork, such a beautiful combination a heart and butterflies ~ the colours are so soft and gentle.
    Have a lovely new week and wishing you all the very best for a healthier new you, dear friend.


  18. What beautiful paintings Monica.

    Wishing you all the best,

  19. Wonderful colours... beautiful artwork. You are one talented lady x

  20. Ciao bella ragazza!

    Your work is beautiful, of course. And so are you. Happy painting ~ I've been wanting to pick up my brushes for a while and now finally have some down time to do so.


  21. LOVE the paintings! You make me happy : )


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