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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Priorities Have Shifted...

The other day, while I was doing a much needed clean- up on my dashboard, I accidentally deleted one of my latest posts. As I had no time at all to assemble it again, that brought to my attention the fact that I haven't shared here yet a substantial shift of my priorities.
My creative biz has shifted to a "higher energy level" (I'll tell you more another time), so to speak, and so did my priorities. I finally felt I was ready to say a loud, big YES to what is calling me deeply. Since, much to my disappointment, I can't do it all, I now dedicate all of my energies and time to produce new, fresh art... (creating and photographing as I go).

Painting has always represented such a vital part of my being, since I was a little girl, that I cannot ignore it anymore. After it has been my greatest love (and everyday activity, with one medium or another) for 30 years, at a certain point of my life I started to doubt, and was pulled in many other directions. But my 'call' for painting was much stronger. My 'mission' in life started to become clearer and clearer to me.

Other big changes are awaiting me in the near future (geographical, cultural, organizational, emotional) and I must simplify my life. I've dedicated a tremendous amount of time to my blog over the past years, and that certainly has helped me to build up community. Hence the fact my blog's very dear to my heart. Exactly like you all are.
But in this transition of my life, I must simplify as much as I can, to stay sane and serene (as it greatly reflects on my work). I don't know which direction my blog will take, how frequent my posts will be, but it's my firm intention to stay open- minded and true to my heart.

This move, with all of its problems and delays, has certainly given me a wonderful gift. I've had much time to pay attention to my inner voice, to finally be able to listen, to cultivate my passion and grow.

No doubt I'll continue updating my blog, to create and share, also tutorials when I find some spare time... and I will try my best to return your kind visits and nice words of support. My sincere apologies in advance if I cannot. I prefer to offer to you all some new contents and inspiration here than to visit only a few of you (... again, I can't do it all!). You are always very welcome to drop me an email if you have something to ask or tell me. I always answer to personal emails (but please allow me some time to). Unfortunately I doubt I'll join the weekly parties anymore... thanks to the nice ladies that kindly invited me, I'm sorry not to be able to join you. But I'll surely visit when I can.
Some of you already know that I suffer from chronic migraines with vomit, and unfortunately keeping the same position with my neck all day long doesn't help. I must go out and walk more, relax more, when I have time. I need to work on my well- being... I know that my health will improve if I put my mind to it and pay more attention to my body. Like now. I have been sitting here at the computer for too long! ... Also, my watercolor box is calling my name. L.O.U.D.

Thanks for listening and for being there!
Monica x


  1. I KNOW you are moving in the right direction... you've had the proper time and space to listen to your voice within. Now enjoy! xo

  2. Dearest Monica,go where your heart takes you. you are so talentd I am glad that you have found your path. I am so very happy for you. I know you have put so much time into your blog but I understand that there are just not enough hours in a day, I am sending you wishes for better health and wonderful relaxing days doing what you love. you will always remain an inspiration to me. sending you a big hug.

  3. Dear Monica I am so happy you have found your calling and especially that you are following your heart. I can't wait to see where your new venture takes you...I'm certain you will soar higher than ever!

    xo, abby

  4. How exciting! Looking forward to seeing your new works!

  5. Monica, you sweet thing. I am so happy you are creating the way you want to. We will always be here for you when you have the time to give us a quick,"Hello". Taking care of yourself is so essential, migraines are horrific, I know I suffer from them also. Paint, photograph, draw and create, pop in when you can.

  6. Dear Monica - make sure to take care of your self. Those migraines are so painful, I know - I´ve been there too.
    Alway enjoy visiting and see what you share.
    Have a beautiful day

  7. Follow your heart. Take care of yourself. What great advice, given as your own personal narrative.
    We'll be here whenever you post.

  8. Monica, always listen to your heart. I totally get what you are feeling and applaud your decision. We will look forward to posts if and when it moves you to do so. Enjoy your new path, and I hope those migraines go away. Margie

    Oh, and I love the new holiday header!

  9. Monica Dear !
    I can truly say I understand ! My passion was always painting, and i went through douubt and drifted in different directions...
    All i can say is: Good for You Girl!Go where Your heart is taking You, it is the only right way...
    Just like Lorrie said: We will be here, waiting,
    I can't imagine not visiting You here!
    Good luck My Dear and have fun ! Alina
    P.S.I also know what it means to suffer from migraines...My heart is with You.

  10. Go for it girl....do what you want in life......seize the days........love love ........♥.. ♥... ♥....

  11. Dear Monica,
    Yes, you should follow your heart! you are so creative and whatever you set your mind and talent too is always beautiful and imaginative.
    I love the photo's I have of your photography and enjoy them everyday.
    I will stop in when ever I see you have posted.
    You are so sweet, keep well my friend.
    Big hugs, Elizabeth

  12. I will always be here ..hoping to see one of your beautiful posts..
    Take care Monica..i remember when you shared the gift your husband gave you..
    You re so talented:)

    Take care..

  13. Monica,

    Wishing you God's best blessings on your new direction. Blessings on your artful journey, follow your heart, post if and when you feel inspired and enjoy your painting!

  14. Monica,
    I am fairly new to your Blog but have it bookmarked with the few that I find inspirational and filled with beauty. It has refreshed by creative soul and so I check in EVERY day. They say timing is everything...thank goodness for a running history of your posts so that I may enjoy them over and over. I look forward to the times you are able to check in and leave us with some footprints of your amazing talents to create and your willingness to share. Following your PASSION is ALWAYS the RIGHT choice. I too am an artist and painting my preferred medium. I have not given it the priority it deserves and find myself struggling with life over it. There is always another reason I allow to put in front of it, telling myself the over and over again that I will set aside time tomorrow or over the weekend just to find myself facing a new week and the paints, brushes and other tools left untouched. Time goes by in an instant and I'm not living my passion. I believe your post is another message that I must listen to. I do not want to live with the regret that I never followed my passion. I will follow your lead and start creating every week and work my way into everyday. Thank you again for all your inspiration.

  15. Sweet Monica, of course you must follow your inner voice and do what feeds your soul! Our blogs should be only what we need them to be and I'm sure your loyal followers will stick around and be happy to hear from you when the opportunity comes around. Circumstances will always continue to change in our lives and we must go with flow!!! Enjoy your new direction!!!

  16. Dear Monica,

    I really do think that you need to go where your heart takes you. You know best and I just want to wish you only beautiful and lovely things in your life. Also that your health will be better and walking and relaxation will help you.
    Look forward to seeing your posts when you are able.
    I love your Christmas header and your sweet vintage pointe shoes.

    Happy Thursday

  17. Monica, I so understand and I'm sure your other followers will too. I'm sort of in the same kind of situation myself. I had to make choices earlier this year about what I could and couldn't do any longer. I'm painting and sewing and have left paper crafting to just cards and tags for the products I sell. I love to blog also, but it becomes so difficult to visit with all of the very, very lovely people who follow me and it makes me sad too. One thing I've learned thought blogging - they're all so kind and accepting and thoughtful of our time constraints!
    Bless you and good luck!

  18. It is important to make and take time out for the whispers of your soul~ I can't wait to see what you make! I haven't respected my muse and she is leading me down a different path, then I planned~
    I use to paint, too...you make me wonder ;D

    enJOY the process of being serene and discovering a worn path, filled with new pleasure! xXx

  19. I hope you keep blogging & sharing as I LOVE to see what your'e doing. But, I understand that you need to take care of yourself. We each should do that. And follow your heart... by all means. HUGS sweet friend.


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