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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Since I Have a New Sewing Machine...

... I must put it to good use!:)
I really started itching to do some sewing... and because of the move, I haven't my sewing machine with me. My Mom doesn't sew, and for her needs my Grandmother's one, not electric, is enough. But it looks like I'm completely clumsy when using it. I actually love her vintage charm, but when it comes to pedal, I really cannot do that!:(
So when I spotted a Singer (we've always used Singers in our family) at the supermarket, I didn't give it a second thought and brought it home for a song. In the end, instead of reducing the amount of my stuff, I will have two sewing machines- one for fabric, the other one for my mixed media projects, to sew on materials different from fabric. Have I ever mentioned that my first sewing machine ever (my MIL had given to me) exploded right in front of my face???? I think I was so willing to learn, that the engine overheated :) Fortunately, I came out unhurt (but scared to death for sure!).
The one that I have in storage at the moment is a very basic model, and so is this second one I have just purchased, except for the additional 'buttonhole maker' which surely is a treat. I don't need (nor want) anything electronic... In my humble opinion, super-techno equipments aren't a must to be able to do nice things. Passion, love, care and excercise can do wonders!
Below you can see my first creation with my new toy. I wanted to give a special book to a dear friend, and couldn't help making a little additional treat for her...

A bookcover made out of a chic, striped French linen, embellished with vintage crocheted lace and finished off with vintage MOP buttons. I used twine instead of ribbon to give a French feel to it. Love how it turned out.

Simple Abundance has a special meaning for me, it helped me start my path towards intentional, authentic living and self-discovery... and it's beautiful when I can share its message with someone dear to me.

As you can see, I also purchased polka- dotted linen, and of course, I will make more of these, for some of my books that are still in need of a cover.
Have a fantastic weekend, creative and relaxing, my friends and dear readers. See you soon!
Monica x


  1. What a beautiful gift both inside and out. I just started reading the book yesterday and so far it is very good. I'm going to start my gratitude journal tonight! Beautiful work.

  2. Monica- She will LOVE that gift. I do think a good basic machine is all one needs to produce beautiful things. I bought my daughter a good Singer at a store closeout and she has enjoyed learning to sew, too. GREAT JOB! xo Diana

  3. So Pretty!
    Hope you have a great weekend.

  4. It look so nice !!!...love from me.....xxx...

  5. It's gorgeous..I have that book:)

  6. This is my favorite book; I have given many copies away as treasured gifts~ Funny, I posted about my sewing machine! It is so beautiful; I love the simply elegance and how charming they all look! Really, blew up...I am glad you are okay~ So scary! I'm a Singer gal, too

  7. I was given Simple Abundance by my fabulous sister nearly 12 years ago now. That book is still my go-to reference.
    If you can find it in your heart to share the pattern, or post a how-to video for this cover...I would be eternally grateful. xox

  8. How wonderful that you now have a sewing machine, for those book covers you are making are beautiful! I love the patterned linen you use, along with the cotton lace trims - stunning! xo

  9. what a beautiful gift....and the book sound divine. i must look for it at my local bookseller! merci Monica. everything you share just touches my heart.

  10. Good for you getting a new machine!! I love the book cover..what a great gift. And I so enjoy Simple Abundance. I reread it very often and also gave the book as gifts. It really is amazing and helped me in many ways, too.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Monica!


  11. Hello Sweet Monica! What a charming cover you made!! I just love it, and I'm sure your friend will be delighted with it!! It is sooo lovely! And has that special Monica touch!! :o)

    Hope you are well and have a fabulous weekend!! I'll be in the studio working on Christmas and some last minute pumpkin orders!

    Hugs and joy to you!

  12. Lovely book covers Monica. And how fun to find a sewing machine that will work for you. Congrats on Romantic Home, Lovely layout.
    Hugs to you,

  13. The book cover is beautiful!! I love it!
    Congrats on your new sewing machine!

  14. My dear friend I thank you so much for such a generous gift. I adore not only the cover but what it holds. I look forward to the inner transformation it will inspire. You are one of a kind:)



  15. I adore Your work and ideas !
    Scarfs, book covers...beautiful !
    All the best to You!

  16. Dear Monica,

    Congratulations, dear friend to be featured in Romantic Homes.
    Your book cover is so beautiful and you must be loving having your Singer sewing machine.
    My Mum had an old Singer, my first one I learned on and you started it with pushing your knee against the lever. Love your scarves too and you have been busy.

    Wishing you a lovely week

  17. Lovely....
    I have got to go right now and open my copy, have not done so in years, I need that message now!
    Thank you for this and for your inspiring creative energy!!

  18. Oh, Monica, I still have my old Singer sewing machine ~ the very first one and only one I have ever used since I was a little girl. You are so right ~ fancy gadgets are not necessary. Glad you were not scarred for life with the explosion of your previous machine!

    Love your book cover and the book too...I've got it on my shelf. It's a good one.

    Everything is beautiful ~ love those linens you show in the post above. May I please go antique shopping with you one day?!?!

    Ciao bella,

    Your bedroom is gorgeous!


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