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Sunday, December 4, 2011

At the Moment I am...


A very simple yet meaningful Holiday Season, with a few decorations only, made of greenery, candles and natural elements.


My very favorite magazines and Christmas books. Also, I'm writing Santa to please consider letting me find a home with a living room like that, and I will be a very good girl forever and ever!:)


The Winter issue of Somerset Life, where I'll have some of my work published (among which my Vintage Portable Studio!), and Prims, for the very same reason! They'll hit newstands on January, 1st, 2012.


A cowl in these wonderul shades of blue! Yes, I know I shouldn't do that, but I'm always wearing my brace and crochet only a little bit at a time! Can't wait to wear it! I love love love cowls (and scarves, turtle necks, etc. ).


A 'Biz Gratitude Book'. I've so much to be grateful, and I want to always remember how blessed I am to be able to do what I love! I'm using remnants of papers, photographs of my published works and artworks, and incorporating all is meaningful to me job wise. This journal is the evolution of my Eco- chic journals I created a couple of years ago (gosh, time flies!) and have been published in Green Craft Magazine in 2010 too.


Making Christmas ornaments. I had started last August making these yarn balls and other 'warm' ornies, but I then realized there was no room here for a Christmas tree. I'll finish them for next year!


A waterproof trench for Kim, completely lined in tartan. I found this soft and stylish couture fabric at the market, sold as remnants, for a song. I'm going to add a removable hood too... Kim's really LOVING it!


A warm blanket my Grandmother made with Granny's squares, and coffee with whipped cream... or whipped cream with coffee? :)

I'm curious, what you're up to at the moment?
Monica x


  1. I love the living room.


  2. Just came back..from the sea..

    Organizing appts.. made pies ,shortbreads..saw my little grandsons..family..a friend.
    Hung a wreath..just starting.. wrapped a gift..Laundry and more laundry.C'est tout.

    Oh and listening to Eckhart Tolle

    All your photos speak of warmth and charm and beauty.
    I wish you a wonderful holiday season.xx

  3. I have decorated our house for christmas today.....verry simple .....but nice...i am glad with it.....lovely week darling hug for Kim.....love love Ria....xxx..

  4. Congratulations on being published! Kim looks so spiffy in her new coat. She has such a sweet face. What am I up to at the moment? Getting ready to make a cup of hot cider - it is a very gray, dreary, rainy day.

  5. Oh my...all these loves are wonderful. Congratulations on your magazine articles! I'll look for them; crafty/artsy magazines are my favorite! Well...that, and whipped cream coffee. Save me a cup. ;)
    My Blog

  6. You are living the good life!



  7. Enjoying my time spent with you ... now scoot over & pour me a cup!, let's chat!! :)
    Have a lovely week ~
    TTFN ~
    Hugs, Marydon

    PS Pop by for our GIVEAWAY

  8. What a lovely holiday post. Looks like the perfect projects for the season. The doggie coat is just wonderful! Thank you for sharing everything with us.
    Big smiles!

  9. Loving...reading your post with all of your beautiful things. And Kim....that love goes without saying.

  10. So glad to see sweet Kim's face in her new beautiful jacket Momma made her. And congrats on being published multiple times. Aren't you the star????? :)

    What a hectic 2 months... I haven't had much time for blogging & I soooooooooo miss my friends. I think things are getting better (but, of course Christmas will put a bit of a time squeeze on all of us). At least that's happy stuff. Miss you sweet friend. And give Kim a big hug for me. Charlene

  11. Your post gives me a warm feeling. This time of the year is perfect for doïng things in/at home.
    I love the trench your are making for Kim. Our dog Luna loves to swim, even when its cold.
    Maybe if I give her a waterproof trench I don't have a muddy dog in the house.....smile.
    Have a great week.
    Hugs Marja.

  12. Oh this all looks like a dream to me.....
    Such nice creativity in a long everlasting holiday......
    Love your images.
    Fine new week

  13. Monica Dear!
    I love your post !Reading it, this monday morning,made a good start for the week!
    Congratulations on your publishings ! You deserve it.
    Wishing You smiles and warm week!
    Stop by at my New Year's Giveaway !

  14. Lovely post, Monica !
    What a nice idea to create a 'gratitude book', there are so many things to be grateful for ...
    my last post is about gratitude and I've just finished my Christmas card :-)
    Kim as always is so cute !
    Enjoy your coffee :-)

  15. love the post Monica. loved seeing Kim....it sounds like your in a wonderful place right now....I am hoping Santa finds you a house with that living room...hugs.

  16. I have that Country Living book you show at the top, and just love it! Thumb through it every year for their ideas.

  17. I love the idea of a simple yet meaningful holiday season, because really that's what it's all about. What a lovely post Monica. Loving the butterfly card you created.


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