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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Snowmen.

Hello everyone!
Toni over at Design Dazzle gave me permission to share this post I wrote for 100 Ideas of Christmas Wonderful here on my blog, too.
To make my snowmen, I used crumpled tissue paper, glue and then gesso, to make the styrofoam balls look like actual papier machè (a technique of my own).

They have funny sheet music hats, embellished with vintage lace, wool and remnants of all kind, plus sweet rusty snowflakes and bells. I adooore that cheery jingle jingle!
To make the hats, just adhere sheet music on cardboard with paper glue, cut out a triangle, make a cone, and staple it to secure on the rear. Then finish off with lace, remnants etc and put on the head of your snowmen using hot glue.

To make these chaps perfectly wintr-y, I also incorporated wool yarn and scraps of mohair left from my handmade bears into their collars and to finish the hats off.

My snowmen's noses are made with little tree branches, sharpened and inserted in the styrofoam balls. You can add one or two bigger ones under the head to create the bodies, and insert bare branches as arms. Paint happy faces with acrylics and finally, a generous sprinkle of clear glitter to make them sparkle!

... And voilĂ ! Ready to spread Christmas cheer!!

... Happy crafting and enjoy the countdown to Christmas!!
Monica x


  1. They are so cute!
    Hope you are enjoying the holiday season.

  2. Such cute little guys. As always, a great idea Monica. Margie

  3. Maravilhoso o seu snowmen!!

  4. This is so nice !!!...love from me...xxx...

  5. Monica they are fabulous. Love them.

  6. Absolutely adorable !
    Super idea and effect !
    It is always so nice to stop by ,always something precious to see...
    Warm hugs

  7. I love your darling little snow chaps Monica. They just make me smile! How nice of you to share how you created them. I am blown away--again--by your artistic mind.
    sending hugs...

  8. I love your snowmen!! Fabulous!

  9. They are charming, Monica! You are so very talented.


  10. These guys are fabulous. I love them Monica. Beautiful.

  11. Oh how I wish you were selling these....

  12. They are beautiful! I off to find my Styrofoam :D
    I love snowman all shapes and sizes! How joyful are they! So sweet you shared! Thank you~ xo

  13. Precious!
    They have such personality :-)

  14. They are so lovely. Wishing you a very merry christmas x

  15. ooooo I love them Monica. I made some from a tutorial with clay but they are not as cute as yours. I will try to post mine soon. :)

  16. Monica, I love these. They are really fun - and pretty, too.

    Is something going on with your e-mail? The e-mail I send you keeps being returned.


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