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Monday, December 12, 2011

One Book a Month-#1 "Merry and Bright".

I share with many of you the love for books. Not only those torn and worn with tattered pages...;) As I had announced last year, I wanted to start to show you some of those I have on my bookshelves, so they might be of inspiration for you too, as they are for me. Almost the totality of them are second hand books, I purchased on Amazon over the years.
I'm starting today with this, from the editors of Country Living (US Edition), which truly is one of my favorites!

If you love the style of Terry John Woods as I do, you could easily recognize some of the pictures here, taken from his own book "New Farmhouse Style", I'll show next month.

Fabulous trees, stunning decor, tablesettings and overall magic throughout the pages of "Merry and Bright"...

My, I so love that bedroom!

An original, handmade Santa and neat display in a cupboard.

And lots of cute, simple craft ideas to easily reproduce.

This book is quite a gorgeous addition to your personal library, to refer over and over again for inspiration! Thanks to Brenda who mentioned she owned it too in the comment section. You definitely persuaded me to finally start this 'One Book a Month' series of posts!

Country Living. "Merry and Bright". 301 festive ideas for celebrating Christmas. Hearst Books.

Hope your week is off to a great start!
Monica x


  1. What a beautiful book filled with some awesome eye candy!!

  2. What a great book !! thanks for share......love from me....xxx...

  3. I love beautiful books like this. So full of inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Farmhouse/Country Style is what appeals to me too ~ such gorgeous images ♥ I would be very happy in this Vermont farmhouse :-) Such a lovely Welcome starting with the front porch vignette.

  5. Hello friend, I have this book and it's one of my favorite Christmas books in my collection. I look through often during the holiday and I'm inspired each and every time!



  6. Thank You Dear Monica for sharing this very interesting book ! So many lovely inspirations !
    Hugs from Florida !

  7. Greetings, dear friend. I've missed you. Hopefully one of these days things will slow down for me at work.

    I'm so glad you are sharing your treasured books. I know how you feel because I have many I return to again and again over many years.

    I finally finished my dining room redo. I hope you'll come take a peek.

  8. Oh My this Might be Perhaps another Book I have to add to my Library! Thank You for Sharing such Wonderful Inspiration!
    Have a Wonderful Day!
    Warm Regards


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