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Saturday, January 21, 2012

One Book a Month-#2 "New Farmhouse Style".

I promised to share one book a month from my personal collection.
For January, I chose one of my favorites ever, "New Farmhouse Style" by Terri John Woods, photographed by talented Kindra Clineff.

... I simply adore this book!! It's soooo me, I love Terri John Woods' style!

I always find so much inspiration among these pages... This is a book for both white lovers and color lovers. The author mixed up perfectly total white with splashes of vibrant colors, in his own fascinating farmouse nestled in Vermont.

So many of the things I love...

This chair looks like the one I re- made :)

The Christmas vignettes throughout the book are utterly inspiring! (My bears would be happy there, don't you think??;)).

Thanks to Terry John Woods and Kindra Clineff for this fabulous book, and to my lovely reader Franca for her suggestion! :) A good book for the weekend...
Happy Sunday everyone!
Monica x


  1. Oh my that IS a beautiful book! And judging by the photos of your home you show us on your blog, that really is your style! ;)

  2. It looks like a beautiful book-I am going to look for it here.


  3. It looks wonderful..and I see you in this style~:)Jacques went to get very few missing items for our frigo yesterday.I said plse bring home white tulips for the pine table..

    (None to be found:()
    I love white tulips..particularly in January.
    Thanks for the recommendation of this book.

  4. Looks like a book I would love. Do you know the publisher?


  5. This looks like a fabulous book, Monica. I love the great photography used. Very pretty! I can see why it is one of your favorites!


  6. What a fabulous book!! I would be happy their along with your bears!!

  7. That looks like the perfect book to cozy up with on a cold sunday morning.

  8. La tua gentilezza mi ha commossa,Monica!
    Thank you for the beautiful photos:I seem to feel a delightful scent of past time all
    Happy sunday evening!

  9. Monica, I would be happy there and could take care of your bears. I loved where it said living with the things you love, those watches were amazing. thank you for sharing. have a great week. hugs.


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