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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Update Jan 11: Many thanks for your concern about my health! I'm a bit better even if I'm very tired and don't feel in the mood of staying at my computer for too long. Hence, it will take me some more days to reply to the emails you kindly sent me. I will as soon as I feel better!
Also, it looks like this little journal of mine aroused some interest... so I am posting it again today, for those who haven't seen it.
I have already showed my Biz Gratitude Book here. Here's my progress so far...

I am using prints of my artworks, photographs from magazines I have been published in, scraps of vintage papers, wallpaper, etc. and including copies of checks, excerpts of my articles or blog posts, certificates, biz-related happenings, emails I received from people that appreciated my work or felt inspired, etc... anything that reminds me how grateful I am to be able to do all day and everyday what I love!

I caught a bad cold/flu/whatever with temperature that is blocking me in bed, besides making me feel miserable... :(( I have a pile of sketches ready to become paintings and several crafty projects calling my name! ... And I must stay here instead! Boohooo. Hope this goes away soon!
Monica x


  1. Monica, This is such a wonderful biz book. every time I come here I think how organized you are, even sick in bed your drawing, I hope you get over your illness real soon and that you are feeling much better, think of you often, cinner

  2. looking beautiful..Speedy recovery..Many of us have had it..it will go away..

  3. Your book is a beautiful treasure chest of your talent/memories. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. hope you feel better soon x

  5. Hope you feel better soon!!! Your gratitude journal is beautiful! xo

  6. Get well fast Monica Dear !!!
    You have things to finish, we have things to see!!! :o) Come on ... You can't be in bed !
    On more serious note - Take care of Yourself,
    Thinking of You my Dear ...
    P.S. You inspired me with your notebooks.

  7. Ciao Monica,
    le tue foto sono un vero sogno !


  8. Hi Monica,
    Stopping by to catch up with you and wish you and yours a happy and sweet New year!
    Me too, I have had a terrible cold and cough..stayed home from work one day to rest and not to spread the cold germ. I hope you are feeling better soon so you can get back to creating all things beautiful like you!
    Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

  9. Your Biz Gratitude Book is a real jewel!
    Penso che rivederlo sia per te un'ottima medicina!


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