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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Joyful Simplicities #2

Pretty and practical- do you know a better pair?

An old ring binder and ugly complimentary daily planner have become inseparable companions of my organization. And make me even like to do something boring at times!
I already blogged about the ring binder I transformed into a neat organizer with a tartan cover and rosettes here.

Now I made another linen cover for a complimentary daily planner (that being complimentary, wasn't my taste at all! But as I embrace my Granny's phylosophy "waste not, want not"... ). It's similar to the book cover with a 'French- feel' I made for a friend a while back.

Hope this inspires you. To me, it's such a joyful little pleasure to surround myself with pretty things, especially if I can have them without breaking the bank.
Have a happy day!
Monica x


  1. HI !iT'S a long time that I don't receive any your visit, I hope your experience is goinge well, all the best!

  2. Lovin' your day planner cover...beautiful

  3. Simpatico il finale,sono d'accordo!
    I think little fine things are really precious and they have the power of making better everyday living...especially if there is a marvellous personal organizer like yours on the desk!
    Good afternoon

  4. I'm always inspired by your blog posts and makes!
    I particularly like those fabric roses.

    Have a great weekend,

    Sandie xx

  5. They are both adorable......
    I am not so creative, but maybe I will try one day.
    Because I also love to surround me with pretty things.

    So beautiful

    Fine day

  6. So nice !!...love what you make.....xxx...

  7. You are inspiring..I have made 2 journal covers and they are so far from perfect:(Yours are just right Monica. My friend gifted me with one from Paris last week..Le Comptoir De Famille..I thought of you..It's beautiful and I am examining it:)It is charming and beautiful:)

  8. I love pretty and practical!

  9. ...Monica...visiting your blog always makes my heart smile...loving your new header...Mel :)

  10. Beautiful things makes one have wonderful thoughts, I always say. You certainly create beautiful things Monica. I think we had the same grandmother,'waste not....". I am planning my garden for this summer and have saved some of the seeds you sent me last year.

  11. Pretty combined with practical is just the best!

  12. Hi,Monica!
    I have an hard internet connection owing to the snow, so I 've seen late your kindly reply and encouragement .
    Grazie di Cuore!=Thank you VERY MUCH!

  13. Monica you are such an inspiration to me. I will definitely take this post to heart and cover a few of my own journals that are filled with my writing. Right now they are quite ugly little books and don't look at all intriguing to read (maybe that's a good thing, since they are journals after all :) But how much nicer they would be to hold if they were beautifully covered?
    sending many hugs your way....

  14. I saw the article in Somerset Life. Very inspiring.I was wondering about the little wood hearts. Are those going to be available when you get back in the swing of things?

  15. Hi Georgia,
    I'm leaving a reply here since you don't have an email address in your profile. Many thanks for your kind note and for taking the time to write-glad you liked my article!
    Sorry I'm not planning on selling the little hearts...


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