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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

In Green Craft Magazine: Garden Chic!

As a keen gardener, I love anything garden related... and I do love to receive gardening books, sets or accessories as gifts! I've been collecting empty pill bottles to store seeds from my annual plants since I started to find great joy in gardening, whether I did that on a balcony or when I've been so blessed to own a huge garden in the country.
This month in Green Craft, you can find my article about turning plastic medicine bottles into chic gardening accessories.

I also made a garden journal and cute plant signs to complete the set.

My card accompanying my work has been published too, even if I was surprised as my writing wasn't perfect- I must admit that got me down a bit, because you know I put much time and energy in always improving my knowledge of English each and every day... but being not my first language, I'm well aware it goes out of the window when I'm very tired or stressed! That was the case last summer, when I was facing problems about our move, my health etc. (Just for fun, I don't call 'laundry sheets' that way, I improperly call them 'washing-machine towels' both in English and Italian :))). But the sadness lasted only a few moments, because I was tremendously proud when I re- read my article, and really loved how it turned out- even doubted I had written it myself! Does this happen to you too?

Now, just waiting for Spring to sow some seeds. Seriously, can't wait... can't wait!


  1. ma che belle idee!
    Speriamo che arrivi presto la primavera
    Saluti dall'Italia (ho inteso che tu conosca l'italiano)

  2. what a happy blog post this morning.great idea. can't wait to see the first new seedlings this year.
    thank you for sharing.

  3. Congratulations Monica & Thank you for this little peek into the pages showcasing your work ♥
    I adore Portulaca! They are wonderful window box plants as they fill in all the nooks and crannies. I love all the different textures in your seed containers ~ and the colour scheme.
    I think your English is amazing!!

  4. A big congratulations to you, Monica! I love your idea of filling the pill bottles with seeds...mine are in envelopes and not as pretty! Keep up all that creativity!


  5. Sinceramente,io rileggo e rileggo il commento che ho scritto in inglese e ho il "dubbio atroce" di non riuscire a rendere bene i miei pensieri, ma mi faccio coraggio e ...invio:)!
    Great ideas for gardening!A garden or a flower can give us a peaceful joy.
    Un saluto grande

  6. How great is that? Congratulatins it sounds wonderful. I love your idea of recycling pill bottles. Everything you made compliments each other so lovely. Your very inspiring, today we had the most beautiful spring day....when out in your garden your mind wonders to crafts and this will be high on my list. I love the coragated paper I imagine it is from packing.

    Drop by my blog I have hosting a Giveaway. Thanks for sharing, Kathy

  7. You do a great job with your English.
    Like your reuse of the bottles. I wish you had all the plastic pill bottles I recently pitched. I had saved several, thinking I would have a use later, or someone else would. It did not happen, so finally disposed of most of them.
    Take care.

  8. GREAT article, Monica! I never seem to have enough garden accessories to keep track of all the tags, etc. Love the ribbon flags – so cute! Congrats! – g

  9. Franca,
    many many thanks for your continued support! And I TRULY appreciate you leave messages in English here, so that all of my readers can read them!

  10. Love this idea also! Di


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