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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Felted Mug Hug.

Do you want to play in the weekend? :)

I'd been wanting mug hugs for a while. Some months ago I had tried to make one from old sweaters, but as the edges continued to fray, and after I had tried a variety of remedies that didn't please me at all, I gave up and let my project 'breathe'.
Then the other day, while I was doing something completely different, I thought that obviously I had to felt the wool before proceeding! And the result was perfect! The cut edges are neat and clean, see? And my mug hug so soft to handle.
If you want to play around, start felting old sweaters using your washing machine (hot setting). Use only pure wool, mohair, angora etc because acrylic fibers don't work. Hang on the line or tumble dry. You may need to repeat the process in some cases.

When you have felted the wool, you can make a mug hug.
1. Cut a stripe of the desired size/length- try it to be sure! Add about 2.5 cm./1" of seam allowance. Fold your stripe and pin, right sides together. It must fit the mug ok.

2. Turn inside out.

3. Start sewing by hand with tiny invisible stitches. This will require a few minutes only.

4. Turn once again inside out and sew a couple of buttons on the front. I used tiny, cute, wooden heart buttons, that costed me more than the sweaters! :( But I didn't break the bank :)

I made two for hubby and me, now planning on making some more, also as Christmas gifts- I hate to run :)
Have a nice weekend everyone!
Monica x


  1. I am very sad picnik is closing, I have been playing around with a few others, I just don't like them enough....your blog always looks beautiful. I am catching up on some reading here. Think of you often, hugs.

  2. I'm among your readers that didn't know Picnik. I think a photo,a book,a flower can become the mirror of ourselves.
    Good "springlike" afternoon!

  3. Thanks for the link, Monica. Oh Picnik, what are we going to do without you?



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