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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Quiet Your Mind.

Painting has such a healing power! Not only it relaxes deeply and gives joy, but scientific studies have proven that Art works even on the physiology of an individual, affecting brain wave patterns, neurotransmitters, the immune system, blood flow and hormonal balance. Art also heals as a form of expression of the subconcious mind, revealing the emotions we're not able to express verbally or aren't ready to face consciously. What's even more beautiful, Art can be healing for the creator of it and for those who view it at the same time.
I'm more than happy to share this painting with you... Maybe you too can find healing and inspiration in it.
Monica x


  1. I love it.. A quiet peaceful mind..that's a gift:)

    Your art is beautiful.. Her expression..with the tilt of her head..is very calming.
    The serenade.. her curls..Lovely.

  2. The power of art is amazing. I am in a difficult state of transition in my life. When I am in the process of creating art, I am at peace. Thank you!

  3. this speaks to my heart this very moment. thank you.

    i'm not an artist.
    i can't draw a stick figure to save my life. you have put onto paper what ministers to my soul.
    what a gift.

  4. I love how you draw life's lessons! Art can speak louder than words. ;)

  5. Love from me....xxx...

  6. I think an enchanting painting(yours!),a touching quote,a poetic photo ...every form of Art is a pleasant gift!
    Good evening

  7. Calm. Full of serenity and acceptance. Beautiful.

  8. I always do sweet Monica. Merci! <3

  9. I couldn't agree more! Thank you for the gift of your painting.
    Catherine Denton

  10. It truly is a beautiful painting, so calm and serene. You are am an amazing artist.


  11. Beautiful, Monica! Art is tremendously powerful – thank you so much for sharing.

  12. ...a quietly engaging piece of artwork with soft muted tones and subtle background elements...on this cold snowy day in England you've brought a warm smile to my heart, such talent you have Monica...Mel :)

  13. Lovely painting and lovely thoughts! Thanks for sharing.


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