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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Thinking Valentine's Day #6

If you haven't thought of a cute wrapping idea for your Valentine's Day gifts yet, you can consider making these super-quick and easy cotton bags I designed last year for Somerset Holidays and Celebrations (current issue). These can be used for any occasion actually...

Adorable images from vintage postcards, transferred to muslin, are then freely sewn on the bags, and embellished with MOP buttons and a sentiment handstamped on muslin as well. Note I purposely used creased, tired cotton for the sachets, that adds to the homespun look I was after.

These below can be the cutest addition to a present for a birthday, a 'just because' gift, Mothers Day, etc.

I like to have one always on hand, for last- minute wrapping. Consider making a batch for different occasions throughout the year, even with colored fabrics.

Hope you have a peaceful, relaxing weekend!
Monica x


  1. Thank you for this lovely idea!
    I'm just looking for a Valentine's Day gift for my sister(i like to think Valentine's Day isn't only for sweethearts!).Now I'll buy everything necessary for this handy bag:)!
    Happy saturday

  2. Love doing these Monica.. I have not found my best technique yet though:(

    Yours are just lovely!

  3. These are fabulous! Love the details, stitching, little bits of color, frayed edges- just lovely!

  4. These old photographs are simply adorable. You've made my day!

  5. Such a wonderful (and beautiful) idea, Monica! ;)

  6. ...Monica its always a delight to visit your blog...you take simple components and turn them into exquisite pieces that delight the eye...and todays posting says it all...Mel :)

  7. I like those a lot. A very pretty way to give a gift.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Very cold here, so staying in.

  8. Wowwwwww they are great !!!...love the angels !!...xxx...hugs for Kim....and you....xxx..

  9. Those bags are wonderful! No wonder Summerset published them! Adorable and I love the fact that you made so many different ones! Love it! xox-cindy

  10. Wonderful bags....such a lovely idea too!

  11. They look great Monica, just dropping in to wish you a Happy Valentines Day. hugs.

  12. These are beautiful! LOVE!

    I hope you have a great Valentine's Day!

    "Her" and Romeo

  13. Oh my such a beautiful idea and these gift bags are just gorgeous!! Have a lovely merry happy Valentine's week and love to you!


  14. Hi Monica,
    I love these sweet valentine bags. I agree with you they can be used anytime to wrap up a special gift. A wonderful idea from creative you..
    Have a sweet day and big hugs, Elizabeth

  15. Love these, Monica. I can't think of a better valentine than you.♥♥♥

  16. These are very pretty...thanks for the how-tos!

  17. These are beautiful, could you post your transfer technique, I am still having problems with that! Di@Cottage-wishes


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