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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Finding Balance.

I eat, sleep and breathe my work. It's the reason why I wake up each and every morning with an explosive joy in my heart, ready to make it perceivable through whatever medium I'm inspired to use, and share it with the world.
Needless to say this means z.e.r.o balance.
Over the past few years, I've really embraced the deep meaning of my being an artist, I've answered my calling, have come to the realization (also thanks to blogging) that what I feel and do is totally normal and having no balance is part of the game.
After I've been living ("camping" to be exact) in a temporary accomodation for more than one year now, and even if that has been quite a challenge in the beginning, I've gradually come to the understanding it has been unexpected, amazing, growing time for me, not only artistically speaking but also spiritually. I feel my heart is full now as it has never been before. And I feel I am now ready to totally embrace my word for 2012 and "bloom".
Blooming, showing up the spiritual qualities I wrote about in this post, also implies finding more balance. I suspect my chronic migraines and such are also a way of my body to tell me it's in dire need of rest. Ok, don't expect I'll cut drastically my studio hours (my darling agents would faint LOL), but I really really need to press the "pause" button sometimes, and carve out a bit more of that time out that makes the ride a wonderful adventure! I've learnt from my DH (and totally love the concept) it's all about the journey, not the destination. So I've committed (face to face with my heart) to take the scenic path... slow down, be still, really enjoy being still with no anxiety about what I should be doing, stop being too demanding with myself, breathe, eat slowly, take long daily walks with my husband and furbaby soaking up Nature and silence and enjoying being together, take more time for my daily inspirational readings, finally keep a journal, meditate more, explore more just for the sake of it, take one day a week off work, do all at my own pace. Without feeling guilty if I can't do it all.
Monica x


  1. ...as women it seems to be within us to always strive to do more, to fit more into our time to give more of yourselves and yet in doing so we actually forget us...your DH is quite right...and your eloquently written post can teach us all something about ourselves...Mel :)

  2. I know exactly what you mean Monica - it´s all about the journey, about balance and taking care of ourself too. Those break in between is also those who feeds us with new ideas and new energy. Take care sweet friend and have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Just reading this makes me take a deep breath. I can feel my shoulders relaxing!

  4. The secret is a sweet passion for life : an invisible force that let us amazed of everyday gifts.
    It isn't important to go faraway,but it's good looking at around us with new eyes.
    Scusa per la forma,sto cercando di far riaffiorare le mie conoscenze!Sorry for my English!

  5. Good for you. Care for yourself.

  6. We all need balance. I think your plans are just perfect for you. Guilt is a useless emotion.

  7. Although the above comment says it's from Tim, it's really from me, Lorrie. Somehow, my husband's account was signed in ...

  8. Very wise words indeed; words that I should try to heed myself. ;) I'm glad you are taking care of yourself - that's most important of all.

  9. Ein wunderschönes Bild. Mit Steinen kann man wunderbar dekorieren.
    Liebe Rosaliegrüße ∙∙♥♥∙∙

  10. There is a creative depth that comes from our relationship with silence and stillness.
    Einstein said he spent a good deal of of his time fishing, so that his mind and soul could think when it was time.
    Nourishing yourself means nourishing the world. You are the world in capsule form ! :-)
    PS - thanks for the reminder!!!! :-)

  11. Monica - thanks for the visit. This blog is just getting started...you know the drill. :-) Every visit counts. Lots to do with it still, but you "guts" to start somewhere right? Big smiles, enjoy your weekend.

  12. Monica, lovely post...but on to more important things, I won your beautiful painting!!!!! I am so happy and thrilled. What a nice way to end my lovely vacation with this wonderful news. Hooray for me!!!!!
    Can you tell I am happy?

  13. Your words are enlightning and come at the moment when I was asking myself the very question of Balance in my life. I started my blog a year ago and haven't done anything with it but I have been working on my Art,crafts, gardening and relationships over that year. I'm stuck in a few areas and need to clear my mind to journey through the life I really want to live and to live fully. Thank you always for your messages posted at the right times! Take Care. XO

  14. Hi Monica! I think there´s a time for work and a time for relax, and both can be very nurturing if we learn to enjoy each one... So if your body and soul claim for rest, the only wise thing you can do is listen to them! Enjoy your "slow down" without guilt, my friend...
    By the way, your work is really inspiring for me, and I shared some of your beautiful bookcovers in my last post... I´d appreciate so much if you visit me!!! (http://kassandrashabby.blogspot.com)
    Hugs -and sorry for my bad English-,

  15. We all need to take a page from your book Monica. I think we could relieve much stress that way...just let our future unfold and let our days be full of unexpected joy.
    sending hugs your way...

  16. I love your comment that sometimes "having no balance is part of the game."
    I am gradually learning this in my life, but it is still a struggle to accept as normal sometimes especially when other people say it is not. So thank you for your affirmation!

    Just found your blog via Pinterest (I know it is a love/hate thing), and I love it!


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