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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Tulips!

As it's tulip time, I thought I'd share some photos of my old italian garden. My new followers and readers don't know I'm a keen gardener, as these pictures are no longer present on my blog. I used to blog very often about my garden, when I had one. I must admit that looking at these archive shots brought a tear to my eyes, but I'm sure (as I trust the Abundance with all my heart) that there's a fabulous garden in my future!
I used to plant 1200 bulbs each and every Autumn, to enjoy colored masses of blooming tulips in Spring. Unfortunately, I've been prohibited by my surgeon after I had CTS in both hands, as it is an exhausting job for our poor hands! :( ( ...But there are still pots :))) These photos have been taken over four years- if you observe well, the colors of the flowers are different. I used to buy bumper bargain packs of bulbs in mixed colors (as selected bulbs have a really daunting price tag!) and the "surprise-factor" surely added to the beauty of the bloom!
One year they surprised us with red and yellow cheery faces...

... another year they happened to blossom in a mix of yellow, red, orange, white, with beautiful pops of black and pink shades too.

Another year they were purple, white, deep red and yellow...

... once they were mainly orange and pale yellow.

Growing my own flowers, my home was filled with enormous bunches of fresh tulips for nearly two months (between early and late bloomers), I could spread cheer giving them to family members and friends...

... and I also could arrange my own centerpieces for our Easter table. Now these are great simple pleasures for me! This arrangement, nearly one meter long, was completely made with my tulips and other Spring flowers I had grown with love!

"Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art."
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Monica x


  1. Good morning,Monica!
    I read "Every day may not be good but there is something good in every day":your idyllic garden is the good thing for me ,today!
    :)! Franca

  2. So gorgeous!! Bright, cheery and wonderful

  3. Your tulips were awesome no matter what the color!!! I am sure your pots of tulips will bring joy too.
    Thank you for your sweet message this morning.


  4. Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

  5. How absolutely stunning is your tulip Easter table arrangement!!
    The colours are simply gorgeous (as is sweet Kim) ♥

    Happy Spring Monica!

  6. So beautiful! I remember the photos you'd post of your glorious gardens and flowers... I'm sure you'll have a new garden soon!

  7. Beautiful !! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  8. What a beautiful spring arangement !!.....love Ria...xxx...

  9. Truly...Heaven on Earth! What a beautiful and magnificent garden. My heart was dancing whilst viewing this post. You are truly blessed.

  10. ...standing tall & proud these majestic beauties have been dusted by a falling rainbow...a delight to the eye such springtime loVeliness...Mel :)

  11. I just found your blog today and was so impressed. Your gardens are enchanting, I've never seen so many tulips in a private garden. They are so beautiful that they just take your breath away. I am the tulip gardener on my street. I see folks slow down as they drive by to get a good look, but my garden is a mirror faction of the captivating flower beds in yours. I just love tulips, don't they have such a welcoming appeal to the oncoming nice weather. 1,200 bulbs a year, now that is impressive! Your new fan and follower, Connie .... come visit my blog, my welcome mat is always out.

  12. How fabulous to have such an abundance, Monica. I can imagine you miss it at this time of year. I usually plant about 300 bulbs but have never done 1200. An inspiration for next year. Gorgeous photos! xo – g

  13. They are all so beautiful, I don't know how you managed 1200 bulbs, oh my....but the impact is stunning. Hoping you will get your garden soon again. I especially loved the photo with Kim. Sending you a big hug, sorry I have not been around much, I keep saying I will be better...hugs.

  14. Hi Monica, stunning photography as always. I wish you lived closer to me so you could give me some tips over coffee and cake!! Just read your article in Somerset life on clay tags and am running into town to get some clay for the weekend to have a go! Hope you are happy and well xx

  15. such beautiful tulips, I'm so sorry your hands prohibit such palnting now.I once had tulips such as this also, they were a joy, I no longer have those gardens, circumstances have made a move to a condo for us and its something I miss dreadfully but just coming here to see the photos is wonderful.

  16. Oh Monica these tulips are breathtaking!!!! I LOVE THEM!!! And your photos are stunning. Looks like Ms Kim loves them too. HUGS! Charlene

  17. Oh Monica I feel your tears. All that you created. But I am sure the new owners are loving all that you did. How lucky they are.


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