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Monday, March 5, 2012

Old-fashioned Inspiration Journals!

I did it! I deleted all my pin boards!
I was starting to be not as hooked as I have been on Pinterest. It's easy to find yourself lost among thousands of images and just crazily pinning without seeing where the link actually points (you may have heard all the discussions about copyright... ). Also, I realized I don't want to spend so much time online to find inspiration!
So I'm very happily back to my magazine clippings- to me, a more relaxed way to be inspired indeed!
Whether you are a pinner or not, enjoy some pages from my old- fashioned inspiration journals!

Monica x


  1. thats a totally lovely idea, i've scrapped crafting ideas but I'm really inspired by this :) thanks for sharing x

    ps i feel the same about pinterest, as much as i love it, i dont actually want to be online all the time, i'm much prefer to flick through a mag of inspiration x

  2. I love the process of magazine clipping. I agree that it is totally relaxing.

  3. I love Pinterest, but lately I've thought a lot of all the time I spent there hoarding inspiration...not to mention all the pins I've found that leads absolutely nowhere or at least not to the real owner of the photo!
    ...so looking at your beautiful pages I kind of miss the old-fashioned way :)
    Thank you so much for the inspiration :)

  4. i love pinterest and weheartit - but i will always have my inspiration scrap books!!!! xx

  5. I'd heard about the copyright violations, too! I have also been thinking of deleting my pinboard. Your scrapbook is more charming anyways... I have scraps tucked away and they certainly are more personal than images on a screen. :)

  6. I am so torn by the Pinterest thing, I love to visit although I do not spend that much time there, I'd rather look at amazing blogs. Not quite sure what to do with my boards.
    Love your photos.
    Have a great day,

  7. So far I have avoided pinterest, as I spend way to much time on the computer as it is. I have done some snooping around - enough to find some of my photos from my blog and checking into that situation now.

  8. Nice post...enjoy a happy week darling....love Ria...xxx...

  9. I never did sign up for Pinterest. I kept my inspiration binders too. I like the page and the leisure you mentioned. With a binder you naturally only take care to save what's really inspirational to you.

  10. I've always been very fond of magazines!and I create myown book with quotes,my dayly thoughts and beautiful pictures from my favourite magazines. I've titled my book "Atelier delle idee"
    You are an artist in making Inspiration Journals,too!!!
    Good evening

  11. Lovely inspiration journals, Monica !
    Nice week,

  12. I always love to do this too--hen I can see my different phases I go through about what I love at the time. There is something about being able to look at it without turning on the computer that is awesome!

  13. Monica, I can see your artistic talent carries into the way you put together the magazine images. I never tried Pinterest, but I love your artwork.

  14. Hi Monica, I applaud you for this! I still have all my inspiration binders from many years ago and they are very precious. I much prefer them to spending more time online. And Pinterest, well, I don't really have time for it and have to constantly police my work being used there. It's probably a losing battle. But I timed how long it takes for an image I post on my blog to hit Pinterest and it's less than an hour. :( Bigger watermarks going in place now.

    Wishing you a beautiful week. xo – g


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