Find me at Surtex (and Exciting News)!

Find my work at Booth(s) 420- 422- 424.

This has been such a wild dream of mine for several years that I still cannot believe I'm exibiting in New York City at the moment.
I strongly encourage you to never, never, never give up, and hold on to your dreams!
And as I told you in a previous post, I'm giving myself and my blog permission to evolve.
I made the decision to start a brand- new online journal, that will become my main blog, and will focus on art, photography, my work and my life.
The White Bench, I began with in 2008 and I'm very fond of, will remain as my secondary blog, a craft "studio" where I'll continue to post fun projects and ideas. Everything is still in the making, but I'm very excited about that and wanted to share my terrifically hot news with you! LOL.
Hope your week is off to a fantastic start!
Monica x


  1. ...I'm so happy for you Monica, you bring so much joy to others it's loVely to hear of even better times ahead for you...I wish I liVed a tad closer so I could come and see your work face to face so to speak...and as for your new on line journal I look forward to turning the pages and seeing you & your work evolve...wishing you much loVe...Melxx :)

  2. Wunderschöne Collage!
    Liebe Rosaliegrüße und hab eine entspannte Woche ∙∙♥♥∙∙

  3. Monica, I am soooo proud of you! Well done Sweetheart!!!! I look forward to both logs!!!

  4. This is fantastic news. And I love hearing that dreams do come true!!

  5. I have a dream,Monica, and your words are a kind encouragement!
    I read :"Let the beauty we love, be what we do."
    Ti auguro tante belle cose in questa nuova settimana=Have a good week:)!

  6. Congratulations - Welcome to the US.
    Hope you enjoy your trip.

  7. I wish I could celebrate right now with you, over a cucumber sandwich and glass of lemonade! :) xo

  8. It could not have been a more perfect time for me to read this. I have a dream of becoming a full time artist of mixed media art and photography. Do you have any advice for me? I just started my very own blog ( if you could give me some constructive critiques I would be greatly appreciative.
    Thank you so much for sharing your art world with us!
    A favorite quote I recently found is "Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. -Thomas Merton"
    <3 Allysen

  9. How exciting is that. I´m so happy for you Monica.
    Can´t wait to follow our new blog...

  10. Great news, Monica. I'll look forward to following your new blog, too. Hanging onto dreams is so vital, and it's great to hear of yours coming true.

  11. I am so happy and excited for you, Monica and look forward to your new blog! Your talent is an inspiration to me.
    Big hugs,

  12. I am so happy for you! Wishing you happy times in New York. And a new blog...can't wait to see it!


  13. Thrilling to hear of a new blog i am sure it will just as beautiful as this one has been look forward to chatting and hearing how surrex goes. Hugs, catherine x

  14. Congratulations Monica, I hope you do really well :)

  15. That's great news, Monica, I'm so happy for you !
    What a lovely artwork, wonderful tones !
    All the best with your new journal,

  16. I'm sending you lots of GOOD LUCK!!! You Go Girl!!! Did I miss your new blog link???

  17. Monica, every time I think about all these wonderful things happening for you, I smile. You've worked so hard, and you deserve the best.♥

    I'm just thankful you always share your joy with us.

  18. So beautiful! Good luck! Kim

  19. I am soooo happy for you, Monica, although not at all surprised. You are such a talented lady!!! I'm having a great software giveaway on my blog so please stop by and enter!

    Big TX Hugs,

  20. Ciao Ragazza!

    Oh, Surtex is so much fun. I exhibited there a few times several years ago {along with the Licensing Internation show too}. What a wonderful experience for you Monica. I have thought of you with all the earthquakes happening in Italia. I hope you and your loved ones are all okay. Prayers with you all.

    I did not realize that we both started our blogs in 2008...I look forward to seeing your new blog when you present it to us!

    Wishing you all the best and continued success in your dreams coming true!

    Ciao bella,


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