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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


As I want to stay true to myself, also on my online journal, I cannot always blog of peaches and roses. Life has its ups and downs, and I surely had my nice dose of downs lately.
After I've come back from the Cotswolds, I've suffered from lots of anxiety, moodiness and insomnia. I won't dive in the facts that are causing me pain- my blog still remains my piece of escapism,  the cozy place where I can meet my friends and chat over tea and cake, an outlet for creativity and a means to share beauty and inspiration. I'm happy to tell you I'm healing (apart from feeling so sore and achey like I ran the New York City marathon!), and once again deeply understanding that everything in life happens for a reason, and I MUST trust the Abundance and the plan He has for me.

What does make me happy at the moment?

Painting and playing. Yes, Ms Doh, art heals, art saves!
After an initial difficulty to be back to work, this is helping me tremendously. I'm also stepping out of my comfort zone playing on big canvases and experimenting. I hope to show you soon, once my copyright is registered and protected.

Snuggling up with my doggie. Love her.

Sunshine. I've never realized before how BAD I need sunshine. I think it's in my italian genes after all!

My new CK oilcloth. I needed a new cover for my worktable, and I finally decided for this one. It's wonderful quality, even if a bit pricey. I work on my table all day long so I thought I needed to invest on a good quality product. I opted for this pale shade of aqua green, as having to work with different colors and designs, it had to be visually calming yet pretty.

My gratitude journals, where I write each and every night before going to bed 5 (or even more!) things I'm grateful for on that day. I've been keeping it regularly for 3 years now, not missing a single day. Each one is filled to the brim with simple joys and great blessings- it's easy to pay attention and become conscious when you write them down.

My sketchbook with all the color combinations I used in my artworks. It's essential when you work in licensing, if you're asked to modify/add designs to a collection on a later date since its creation.

My Mom's cooking. She knows what I like :) (... if you're curious, this is focaccia ai broccoli. I love how creative she is in the kitchen... isn't that decoration amazingly cool?).

A gift from a dear friend. This made me burst into tears, as I'm feeling so unsettled at the moment without a nest to feather. Thank you, Abby!

A bunch of flowers from the supermarket. Less than 3.50€/4.50$ for 5 stems. Quite the deal! Tiger Lilies have such a wonderful, inebriating scent... and can last for about 2 weeks in the vase with proper care.

I meant also to tell you it looks like I'm having problems with my blog email, hope to have it fixed soon. In the meantime, ff you need to contact me, please leave a comment and I'll be back to you!
Have a nice day my friends!
Monica x


  1. I'm nervous too,not able to sleep well...happens.Life is not always pink and when I'm not feeling well I find comfort in my creativity,like you.Hae a nice week!

  2. Ach was gehts Euch soooo gut. Herrlicher Hund, bezaubernder Garten, wundervolles Geschnipsel und was Leckeres noch dazu. Wunderbarer Post!!
    Liebe Rosaliegrüße ∙∙♥♥∙∙

  3. Life is good and beautiful !!...love your post...sweet Kim......love for you...xxx...take care...xxx...

  4. ...dear Monica, it makes my heart sigh to think your hurting but i'm glad your able to lift your brushes & leave your troubles momentarily to create the beauty that is you, your journals are one of your best friends right now for you can talk freely and let go...Mums are our lifeforce and will always nurture till the last breath is drawn, sunshine & flowers are natures hug & makes our heart smile, & Kim well she has powers beyond the eye...if I can say anything it would be, that your blog has truely brightened my life I loVe to visit and see your treasures, you up-lift and inspire me and you dare me to dream beyond my own horizon...I wish I could hug you in person so I do hope you feel it through the screen...lots of loVe from this English girl who's wishing time your friend & not your enemy...Melxx :)

  5. Monica,your Posts are brighter than the sunshine :)!
    Un saluto grande,grande!=Greetings

  6. Bless you monica. So sorry you are feeling 'wobbly'. You are doing all the right things though. I keep a gratitude diry too. Not all the time but just when i am feeling low, it really helps.



  7. by the way, your mums cooking looks amazing!!!!

  8. All so beautiful as ever, I know just how you are feeling so sending you big big hugs. xx

  9. Monica, so sorry you are not feeling quite yourself. I think you are trying hard to see the beauty and gratitude in life. That is always a great sign. My positive,healing thoughts are with you. Sending you a big, big hug!

  10. Dearest Monica,
    I am so sorry to hear that you are unhappy! I wish you to heal fast and that your heart with be happy again very soon! I wish you the best in life and much happiness!

    sending you love and many warm hugs

    Karen B. ~ Todolwen

  11. I'm glad you're healing, Monica. Cuddle your dog, make art and just be.


  12. Hope you feel more like yourself soon, being anxious and down is just awful, sounds like you are doing the best things to make you feel better :) sending love .

  13. Monica- I am sorry that you are going through one of life's rough patches. Sometimes when we are in the midst of it all it is hard to think that it will ever be any better....but it WILL be. I have had many ups and downs in my life and God always seems to lift me out of the mire...not necessarily to the mountain tops..but at least to a higher plain. Blessings- xo Diana

  14. Have Kim give you a nice hug from me! And you DO need sunshine... it will help you bloom as your gorgeous flowers do! xo

  15. It does my heart good to hear of your need to create. I so understand. I too am thankful that I have that outlet. Your oilcloth is fabulous...that is what I should do to my table. Great idea!
    Good seeing you

  16. sending you hugs...love and lots of sunshine dear monica. i hope your heart feels the lightness that it brings with it. thoughts and prayers too...;)

  17. Dear Monica, you are doing so many wonderful things to heal yourself, and to let God heal your hurts. Art, nature, companionship, good food and love - what better prescription is there? I hope you soon feel as light as air!

  18. Thank you, dear ladies, your words and hugs mean a lot!
    ... I'm so grateful for YOU!

  19. I'm pleased to hear you are feeling better, I think it's important to have things to look forward to and to do simple things that make you happy. xx

  20. Hi Monica,
    I am adding you to my prayer list, Monica, and know that our loving heavenly Father will heal your hurts, and restore your peace and joy. I know how much you love your art, and you know I adore it, yet I must say that the poetic way you write, even in your pain, inspires me, and makes me think that you should write more. I almost feel as if I know the sound of your voice. I hope that doesn't sound weird. It's as though I hear you speaking instead of just reading what you've written here. Do you know what I mean?

    Gentle blessings of rest and peace, sweetie,
    And a big hug, too

  21. Hello dear Monica, I'm leaving for a long work day but want to first tell you that I'm here for you. Trust in the Abundance journey as it will lead you to your destiny.

    xo, abby

  22. Dear Monica, I wish you only the happiest of days. My trips here to your blog bring me much inspiration and joy as I'm sure it does to countless others. You and Kim are so special and can always bring a smile to my face! Zooming loving thoughts and prayers your way!


  23. Hi sweet Monica - I hope´re doing okay. Life definately have it ups and downs.
    I´m glad that your blog is your peaceful resting place - mine is for me too.
    Love your photos also of those new oil pastels. Love your gratitude journals - it´s such a great idea - I might adopt that idea.
    Wishing you a peaceful and lovely day
    xo T

  24. Hi Momica, it is surprising how I always find peace when I come to have a visit. love all your photos and so understand about you needing the sun. hope all is going fabulous for you, sending hugs your way.


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