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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Your words meant a lot... Your friendship means a lot. Thank you. I feel so blessed by your presence in my life!

Before I had a blog, my own problems looked so big, high mountains I had to climb alone, all wrapped up in fears and feelings of inadequacy. I felt I wasn't enough, I felt something important was missing in my life... My blog helped me discover that there's so much beauty in people and the world around me, after all, and my problems were such a teeny tiny thing compared to those of other people out there. That I had to become more understanding, more gentle, more compassionate... that I could offer my own insights, experiences, my perspective, and contribute to a better world with my yet little and humble efforts.
Thanks for teaching me all of this, thanks for always being there!
This bunch of purple clematis (blooming now at our home) is for you.
Monica x


  1. Thank you for the flowers and for your wonderful words.

  2. Monica, you sweet thing. Your blog brings so much beauty into our lives. Your words lift us up and your creativity inspires us. You are very special, don't forget that.

  3. Thank you,...you are a great blogfriend to me Monica...and Kim of course......love from me....xxx..

  4. Monica....just smilin' back atcha!

    XO Diane

  5. Thank you:)You really make better my everyday life;my boys say "What about Monica,today,mum?!You are a star now!
    Good evening

  6. "merci" dear monica....you brightened my day! ;)

  7. How beautiful the clematis is, Monica. It is amazing to find what a big world there is here in the world of blogging. The funny thing is that though we are all so different we are tied by the same deep longings and fears and inhibitions on some level. xo Diana

  8. Thank you, for all your lovely work. You have a wonderful blog. I love your photos


  9. I felt the same mood for two years,I was so alone and sad,but now I feel to have a big family around myself!

  10. ...sometimes it only takes a word, just one single word to help lift the load, so imagine what a lot of words can do...your clematis look amazing and beautiful, a reflection of you...Melxx :)


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