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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Enjoying British Weather!

Well, sort of. After thunderstorms, rain spells, hailstorms, lightning storms, glorious sunshine, then thunderstorms once again, I thought it was time for Kim to have a new waterproof coat for the summer months (not lined with wool fabric this time). Made with IKEA fabric, in case someone is interested.
Happy Sunday, friends! Off to my working table to paint- busy Sunday for me!
Monica x


  1. Owww sweet sweeeeeet sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Kim....love Ria....xxx...

  2. ...oh Monica the delights of the English weather!...it's been known & I myself have enjured the Four Seasons in one day, it's crazy here, we obsess the most about Tea & the Weather...Kim looks an absolute darling in her new summer coat, the best dressed dog award should be in her honor...I could do with one of those too tis very stylish (in human style of course)...have a wonderful day sending hugs from these rather damp English shores...Mel :)
    Your comment the other day was so loVely & yes what a wonderful thing it would be, I'd like that very much...xx

  3. How utterly adorable, Monica!! Kim looks fabulous!
    Hope you have a lovely day and accomplish all that
    you want to, sweetie!

    We had all of the girls and their families here
    most of the day yesterday, so today I will relax and
    just putz around in my studio!

    Love and hugs to you,

  4. Beautiful doggie. We get those kind of weather changes here. Maybe 3 seasons instead of the four. Keeps things interesting.

  5. Very cute "coat", Monica. I hope you have a wonderful weekend- xo Diana

  6. Kim is beautiful in her new gorgeous waterproof coat! I love the photo!

  7. Kim is so cute, Monica, lovely photo !
    Have a nice Sunday !

  8. Awww! Kim is all decked out in her new coat. They are predicting rain for the next couple of days here. Guess it is time to get something done inside.

  9. She is such a beautiful mannequin......love her new coat.

    Fine evening

  10. She looks totally precious. So glad surtex went well. X

  11. What a lovely "mise"!sweet and chic!
    ...and about the weather, the funny thing is in North of Italy the weather is becoming more and more as British weather ! "Molto pittoresco"! So cute!I feel in the English countryside here,at least:)!
    Good evening, Monica!

  12. Her coat is quite stylish!!

  13. Kim, looks quite fashionable and ready for rainy days.

    Oh, yes. How I would love come share a cup of tea with you. We could chat for hours.♥

  14. Kim says thank you to you all! :)

  15. Oh my Kim is PRECIOUS in this photo!!! xo


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