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Thursday, July 5, 2012

I'm Back! And my Biz Gratitude Book.

Hi friends, I'm so happy to be back!
I'm still under deadlines and then I'll go on a well-earned vacation, hence I won't be able to mantain a regular blogging schedule all over summer. It's my intention to blog without any pressure. 
Actually,  during this break I haven't rested a lot- I've just worked on the development of new designs for clients. I feel so happy (and blessed) for I'm doing what I love and lots of new eyes are seeing my work and enjoying it! But I must admit, being for a while out of my normal "blog routine" was really relaxing and gave me renewed energy and enthusiasm! So mind you, I'll be chatty in this post :)
While I am still editing the craft tutorial I promised, I'd like to share with you this book (you may remember) I've recently managed to finish.
Its idea came from writer Sarah Ban Breathnach, and also fellow artist Kelly Rae Roberts mentioned it in her inaugural e-course I attended in 2010. In this book handmade with love, I gather all my biz blessings, from publications to copy of checks, signed contracts, certificates, products approval sheets, photographs of my work, emails I received (both with great news and sweet kind words from people about my work)- just about anything business-related.
After I let it "rest and breathe" for a while, I had the idea of this cover for it. I think it's perfect and I'm very happy with it.

I used a worn cover from a dismantled old book, collaged and painted over it.

My book is hand-binded with baker's twine, but in the end I preferred to not leave the binding exposed.

The back cover...

Inside, I used photographs from my publications and prints of my artworks to illustrate the journal, machine stitched or glued down on the pages. I further added embellishments, fabric tape, tags, etc. though its look is destined to evolve with time, as I fill in the pages with blessings!

I also added lots of envelopes (both pre-made and not) for storage...

My very first publication ever, in Green Craft Magazine, and my first public recognition as "pro" in Somerset Apprentice!

... I really have to!
Till next time,
Monica x


  1. Wonderful idea sweetie and in such a beautiful book :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

    1. Thanks Deborah, so nice of you!

  2. Welcome, Monica!
    Every kind thought of Gratitude is really a butterfly in our life garden ,I think.
    Have a good day :)!

    1. Franca, you definitely are a poet. Thanks for sharing your beautiful words and heart with me and my readers!

  3. I'm hoping I'm not duplicating my comment!

    This is a wonderful book - such a perfect idea!

    Thank you for the lovely surprise that came in my mail. I tried to thank you via email but it was returned to me, so I may not have your correct email address. Your so sweet and thoughtful and I love it.


  4. That is a beautiful idea and so well done!!!

    Take care,

  5. LOVE your gratitude book - it´s so beautiful. Love the idea with the envelopes.

    Just got back from a wonderful vacation in Italy - the last 3 days we stayed in Varenna and also got to eat at Ristorante Vecchia - thank you so much again Monica.

    Wishing you a wonderful summer
    xo Tina

    1. So glad you had fun, Tina! I'm so pleased you managed to visit Varenna.

  6. Beautiful book and great idea. Sometimes we just have to be reminded about all of our blessings when things don't seem to be perfect.

  7. Absolutely beautiful my friend. What a great idea. I must tell you my flower seeds are finally poking through. Yes I saved some for this year. I shall send you photos if they grow. We have had such cold weather. Take care and don't work to hard. Take time to dream. Love Sharon (Hi to your mom)!!!and kisses to Kim.

  8. Oh Monica,
    What a lovely journal of your published work! Way more beautiful than just a portfolio! I've said it before and I'll say it again...everything you touch becomes lovely!! It's such a joy to see what you share! I'll miss you over the summer, but know you'll be back with more wonderfulness to share when you can!
    Love and hugs,

  9. Monica, how absolutely beautiful! Hope all is rosy with you! Rachael xo

  10. Some people just ooze creativity. I'd be content with just a drop or two. I'm working on it. :)

  11. Gorgeous book, love love love everything about it :)

  12. Thank you Monica for sharing! I love this idea...beautiful photos and so filled with gorgeous gratitude :D
    I'm making a calendar type book now with some poetic offerings~
    How amazing this is gathered and your cover is bluetiful! :D

    Come visit me...I'd love your opinion on my latest poem!

    ATB (((hugs)))

  13. Such a beautiful book. And congrats on your feature in Green Craft.

  14. I love your book Monica - what a treasure it will be in years to come, to look back on and remember!

  15. Hello ladies! Thanks so much for all your kind notes! Unfortunately I had to change my comment form again, because the old format didn't allow everyone to leave comments. I hope this pop up window works for you all now!

  16. What a breathtaking journal... love fills each and every page! xo

  17. Every page is lovely...what a wonderful treasure this journal is!


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