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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"Inner Excavation".

For One Book a Month, I'd love to share this book I've recently treated myself to. Since I've "met" Liz Lamoreaux I've become more and more interested in her inspiring work. 

Liz is now offering a free workshop on her blog, and we're all welcome to participate. Thanks Ella and Sandy for spreading the news! I wish I had enough time to join in, I'm still under deadlines and I've lots of work to be completed... but I managed to find time to at least start. Liz shared a visual assignment- describe yourself through photography. Here are my answers...

I urge you to visit Liz today as guest contributor Vivienne McMaster is sharing the "dangers of self- portraiture". Love, love Vivienne's work and her post! Thank you for sharing inspiration, ladies!
Till next time,
Monica x


  1. Monica, love this post about you. And to see sweet Kim, that is a lovely bonus. Hope you are having a lovely summer.

  2. Ciao,Monica!
    Thank your Blog I've found a new world : every day is a white sheet of "life" to fill up with pictures,thoughts and charming enthusiasm into all that is around us.
    Good summer evening!

  3. Enjoy a lovely summer darling....xxx..

  4. Hello, dear Monica! This is a wonderful, beautiful, inspiring post. I love it! And what an excellent exercise. I'm afraid at the moment such images of myself would be mostly my computer screen. I will definitely check out the workshops.

    Have a beautiful day, my friend. xo

  5. I enjoyed your gorgeous answers ;D
    I had fun posting mine, too...
    It is a great way to reveal fragments of the creative soul~

    I am behind in this class, too!
    My husband is on vacation and between home projects, boating...I am struggling! I find blogging in the summer time, difficult! Hang in there and do what you can! xo

  6. I just started the class today:) I bought the book from Liz @ Your Story Retreat and signed up for her online workshop. I hope to really get started on it this week. I absolutely love all your photos! Beautiful.


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