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Monday, July 23, 2012

Where Bloggers Create 2012.

I haven't joined the official Where Bloggers Create party Karen is graciously hosting for obvious reasons- for my new readers and followers, after one year and a half since the sale of our property, my hubby and I haven't found a new place to settle down yet. But far from feeling discouraged, even if we are still "camping" among piles of boxes, our belongings in storage, and my art/creative supplies here and there, I didn't let the situation turn my creativity off. On the contrary, I've made the most of this "growing time", and accomplished such wonderful, b.i.g. things that I felt the urge to write this post to maybe inspire you.
Don't feel discouraged if you haven't the perfect room, if you have to work on the kitchen table, if your creative space is just a small corner in the attic or garage. You can be creative and accomplish a lot, exactly where you are, in this very moment and with what you have, if you only wholeheartedly commit to.
I encourage you to take a deep breath, dust off your brushes and put paint on that canvas, start that journal today, loose yourself in the stack of fabric you have collected for all of these years, or to give that much- needed major face lift to your room if you are so lucky to have one. Today, begin. Creativity brings such joy into the everyday!
You'll be astounded at how much you can do even if you haven't a craft room or studio. Of course, having one would be perfect. But if you wait until everything is perfect in your life, you'll never start.
This is where I work (all day long) at the moment... a table in the living room, my stuff scattered all around the house.

I've recently added a few pretty touches to this space to feel more comfortable while working, like the aqua Cath Kidston oilcloth...

... and revamped food canisters to store my crayons, pencils, markers, tools etc.
I also keep favorite inspiration stones on my desk to help me keep going, especially in my most difficult days. Keep an eye on the Autumn issue of Somerset Life for more about these ;)

Fresh flowers are always a necessity on my table...

Love to use vintage items in my creative space too- the new cornishware jug I found in the Cotswolds a while back and an old ceramic canister for canned sour cherries belonged to my Granny, chipped ceramic plates for this and that and cocoa/tea canisters. I also have a pile of suitcases and trunks where I store a bit of everything at the moment, from new fabrics to yarn balls and canvases.

Lots of mess and pastels ready to dance on the canvas... oh. happy. day!!

Hopefully I'll have a real studio/craft room to show you next year! Fingers crossed.
Monica x


  1. Such a good and helpful post, Monica. Very few great artists had the ideal space to work in yet their spaces influenced what they created in a positive way.

    I think many will find this post very beneficial. Bravo!

    xo – g

  2. ...la tua craft room mi piace molto,complimenti..si vede che vi lavora un'artista di talento!

  3. Good for you....creating no matter what!! Woot!!
    Love those suitcases!!

  4. I know very well that we can create anywhere! You've carved out a lovely space, Monica.


  5. I personally love the areas charm..I see the little mannequin I have been tempted to buy:) I think you have given me the push..The little oilcloth is perfect!
    I have brushes in cups and empty jars too..
    My are is not charming at all.
    I love our home..and it's charm..but not my atelier that serves as office/yoga room/ironing..etc..seed sprouting..wine making:) In the basement w/ 2 windows..
    Not joli at all:)

    My friend is an artist and I have had artist clients..their ateliers never look like a magazine..:)
    I think yours looks real.

  6. I love this post! I am a believer that one can create in any space, no matter the size. Your encouraging words are beautifully written and inspiring for every artist. Have a wonderful and creative week friend!

    xo, abby

  7. Monica! Ma e' bello....you can create anywhere. Don't stop creating you will find the perfect workshop again.Ciao Rita

  8. Ciao,Monica!
    In the living room your craft table is a corner of Paradise...What will your new craft room be, next year?
    I'm sure you are a craft Angel:)!
    Have a good week

  9. This is such an encouraging post. You're quite right, the thing is to begin. Today. I will.

  10. What a great post, Monica. So encouraging and positive. You have accomplished great things during this transition time in your life. You've created space for yourself to bloom.

  11. Thanks, thanks, thanks...Your words were just what my soul needed to encourage itself and go on creating... You're a goddess!

  12. great post Monica, I didn't realise you hadn't found a home! Just goes to show that a home truly is where the heart is, as is a studio! Rachael xo

  13. Sweet Monica, I just adore looking at your artist supplies. Every visit to your blog is so inspiring to me! I just love thinking of you creating the beauty you're so gifted with, and it makes me smile!

    I am so excited about my new studio/guest room, but still haven't been able to truly get started on it! I'm quite sure it will be well on it's way to completion within the next two weeks. I can't wait to decorate it, and create in it!!

    Love the stones! My studio will have to have a few of those in it, too!

    Big hugs to you!
    Thanks so much all the wonderful inspiration I get from you!! You're an absolute joy!


  14. Hi Monica, you are an inspiration, you are right, I just got to pick up the brushes and get started. I like your studio art place, and hope next year you will find the right home. I like how you said many things open up when we least expect them. Waiting for perfect can really cause one to miss out on life. stay well my friend. hugs

  15. Love that you have "Just Keep Swimming" written down besides you while you work. I in fact have the same note on my white board by my desk. Let's make today a productive one!

  16. My favorite part is "Just Keep Swimming". I use that quote all the time myself, too.


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