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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My most Recent Post...

... is below! I'd love if you read it!

Monica x
P.S. No idea why several of my posts don't show up in Google Reader anymore! Thanks for letting me know. I wonder if anyone in Blogland has the same problem.


  1. I have noticed Monica..I thought perhaps they were drafts..there were a couple more I think..a tutorial?

    However this gave me time to ponder this question and I would need a whole blog to answer:)

    So many many reasons.Some more personal than others..
    So I guess I will say to share..:)
    Thank you for all the beauty you share..and your sweet personal thoughts too.

  2. Hi Monica,

    So many great reasons, why you blog and I feel many of yours are the same reason I blog also.
    Thank you for your blog friendship and all the wonderful inspiration and beauty you share here. I feel so lucky to have made many wonderful friends, that if not for blogging I would not have the chance to know.

    Happy week


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