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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Weekend Flowers...

... to wish you a super- duper one!
Hubby gave me red roses and I had to take a picture and share it with you.


This weekend I'm planning to:

  1. Do a major clean up of my worktable- I finally (finally!) met my last deadline before the summer break, and my poor table is in dire need of cleaning!
  2. Try some new nail polish I've just purchased. Which color I picked? Aqua, Purple, Blue and Lilac. So very summer-y! Truth is I love wearing these colors (+ browns) all year round on my toes.
  3. Read and relax. I could also start another journal. Who knows.
  4. Make a scrumptious pizza. It has become a tradition in our home every single weekend.
And you? Anything planned for the weekend?
See you next week!
Monica x


  1. Beautiful roses and what a lovely relaxing weekend you have planned! We are hooked on watching Olympics this wekeend! Rachael xo p.s and staying warm :-)

  2. ...a wonderful romantic gesture from your Hubby, tis the simple things that make the heart smile and glow within, beautiful...the pizza sounds totally delicious and have to say one of the best I ever tasted was in Sorrento, the tomato base was to die for...how do you have yours?...Melxx :)
    Have a super weekend.

  3. You have a wonderful weekend list..

    I'm cleaning out the guest room- which has turned into a "throw what ya dont wanna mess with" room instead lol.. so now its time to clean it out and make the guest room I have in my minds eye..

    Hoepfully when its done it will be worthy of some lovely flowers like yours.

  4. I'm hanging out inside because it so hot and humid here!


  5. He's so thoughtful:) And the are so pretty in the pitcher.
    Your tradition is similar to one of ours..a home made pizza a week.But it's Jacques that makes it~
    I made a small journal this week for a friend and did some embroidery on the cover..It is far from perfect.I get itchy to do something spur of the moment and use what I have on hand..should have used just floss it would have been more refined.
    Your journals are far nicer than mine..But I just love to watch nothing come to a bit of life:) So I try.

    My daughter just bought new nail polishes..magnetic.. I forget the name..and it is blue:)
    So pretty on toes.my other daughter has been sporting it all summer.
    2 of the boys wore it:) Toes and feet..so cute at the pool..they are at that age of innocence:)
    I wear flip flops and sandals in summer and like to keep my toes painted too:)
    Shoes look prettier..
    I will warp some gifts.. garden..take photos and attend a double bday party for 2 of our little grandsons.
    Our usual Sunday will be different:)
    Have a lovely weekend..
    Enjoy redecorating your workspace.It's a great feeling when it's done.

  6. Happy weekend wishes to you. We have dust and heat so staying indoors is on the agenda every day. Now after a few hours of cleaning, I'm blogging and crocheting -- two of my favorite things to do. Take care, Tammy

  7. Beautiful roses and even more special when a gift from your hubby. My weekend plans are still up in the air but either way I'll enjoy the extra time with family. Hope to see pictures of your pizza!

    xo, abby

  8. Soundslovely. Well done for reaching your deadline. Congrats on the magazine feature too, you are so creative :) hugs, catherine x

  9. Beautiful roses. The color is magnificent!!
    I have to clean my work area as well..,.sigh
    And pizza?? I will be there

  10. Even though I am enjoying the Olympic, it will be good to get on to other things, love the list.
    And the focaccia sounds and looks wonderful...I might just give it a try. Hugs, mary

  11. I've been meaning to try making my own pizza. Your 2 food posts (I'm catching up on your blog) are reminding me to try something new in the kitchen.


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