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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

WHY do you Blog?

... Why do you blog?
I'll tell you why I do, which impact blogging had on my life,  and why I love it.

  1. Blogging opened my mind, deepened my compassion, strengthened me, shaped me, made me more understanding, allowed me to grow. And still does.
  2. Blogging made me connect with kindred spirits around the globe, I was terribly lacking in my offline life. Made me discover there is true beauty and good out there.
  3. Blogging enormously increased my taste, changed my perspective, allowed me to bloom.
  4. Blogging opened up new paths to me, both in my personal life and job wise. Made me discover I was enough and I was powerful. 
  5. Blogging made me feel conscious of my blessings, tremendously grateful for them.
  6. Blogging makes me think, makes me cry, makes me laugh, makes me relax.
  7. Blogging helps me keep memories, fix thoughts, ideas. Helps me keep going.
  8. Blogging is a way to share my creative vision, my colors, my credo with the world.
  9. Blogging challenges me to fly higher, allows me to inspire others to do the same. We can make the world a better place right from the chair on which we are sitting now!
  10. Blogging is my window with view on the whole world. I just love it.

Please do share- WHY do you blog? We all would love to know.

Monica x


  1. You are so on the mark with your points! I wholeheartedly agree

  2. I agree with how you feel about blogging.
    I didn't know what direction my blog would go when I started. It's mostly just about my life. Once in awhile I throw in a project, pictures of homes and some pics of my home.
    I have met such wonderful people. It is so nice to find people with the same interests that you have. I know I think about things differently. Family, life, nature.....with a more intense feeling.
    The best thing about blogging is.....it can be what every you want it to be.

  3. blogging:
    - makes me more creative
    - makes me a better photographer (I´m working on it)
    - makes me capeable of connecting with people being an introvert
    - keeps me on track
    - helps me see things in a different perspective
    - changed my life and I wouldn´t be without.

    xo Tina
    ps: I didn´t find any stuff in Italy. We didn´t get a change to track those fleas, but I did get an awesome new handbag and purse :-)

  4. I stumbled across some blogs a couple of years ago and enjoyed reading them. Along with reading "The Happiness Project" and watching the film "Julie and Julie" (reading the book came later), I thought I'd start one of my own. It's opened up other parts of the world to me and introduced me to some wonderful people. I may be an introvert, but not a hermit.

  5. As an introvert, I find that blogging allows me to connect with like-minded people at a bit of a distance. I've met some bloggers and have had a wonderful time with them.

    Like you, I blog for connection with a greater world, with people who challenge me to think, to create, to be all that I'm intended to be.

  6. Monica,

    I am struggling with my blogging at present and don't know how to answer this. I do appreciate your input....you have truly made me think.

    You are so dear!


  7. My cousin made me do it! Literally! Ha! She had been blogging for a year or so and told me she wanted me to do it. Right on the spot she told me to come up with a name and she set me all up, told me to give it a month and if I didn't like it, I could just quit. That was 4 years ago and I'm still here. I so enjoy interacting with like-minded folk. My crochet, though not perfect, has improved by leaps and bounds. I've learned so much, done things I never imagined. And my eyes have been opened to the world around me. It's all good! Wishing you a lovely day. Tammy

  8. Lovely!

    For all of the reasons you have mentioned and a few more. I believe I am a better, kind, more creative,more honest, more caring, more spiritual person due to blogging. It has definitely changed my style but also opened a world where I found people like myself as I am a bit of an oddity in my small offline world. I also blog as a form of journalling! Rachael xo

    p.s. Your posts always show up in my Google Reader!

  9. Going to try this one more time. Typed a comment and my computer decided it was time for a update and shut my selected sites down.
    I started blogging for several reasons - main one being connecting with people with like interests such as repurposing vintage jewelry, miniature doll houses, and small redo projects around the house. I am one that needs to be doing something all the time - I will not sit and stare at mindless TV shows. I am not a big TV person, and if I read for an extended period of time I get very sleepy. So - I wanted an outlet to communicate with others with same interests - especially during the extreme heat in the Summer and cold in the Winter when I can't get out and communicate with the outside world. Redo projects rarely exists these days, and my miniatures have been on the back burner for a while now so not sure where my blog is headed.

  10. Love this post..think for me in a nutshell...blogging takes me away,away from the days stress..from the mundane..from real life in a sense...its an escape,I love it!!

  11. Loved reading your reasons for blogging. It has reminded me that I am not wasting my time by blogging. I love to write and to feel that the world is "our community". To connect with people who share a passion is a wonderful feeling. Thanks for writing this post. :)

  12. I'm not sure why I started blogging, but I did and it's changed over time. I'm still growing at it. I do love it. I just said to a friend today...I love blogging, people are so sweet with their comments and it makes you feel good about what your doing. I loved this post.

  13. Have always know I wanted to "write" but didn't know how BLESSED I would be when I finally began to document my creative life, and how much it was a total part of how much God's love is so precious to me... So appreciated all your points in the "why's" and as I continue this blogging journey, it reminds me of how wide and deep His love is, and the connections we make with each other through that love, regardless of time, and distance.

  14. I blog because it brings me experiences like reading this post, and because I feel the more we reach out the better place the world becomes.

    Love from me to you, Monica.♥

  15. I haven't been here for a while. I think because I haven't actually blogged for a couple of months.
    I blog because I can be myself. Like some of the other responses I am too shy and I can be myself. (Although still somewhat guarded)

    I think that blogging brings together people who share a common goal and interests.

    Nice to read your blog again.



  17. You were speaking from my heart. I agree with each and every point you've made.
    Blogging for me is an artistic journal, the documentation of my way to perfection, which I'll never achieve of course, but who cares. :) A drive to keep my mind and my hands busy and seek for inspiration around me, and to develop an eyesight I've never had: a novel way to look at the world and be amazed each moment I see something new in creation. Discover that creativity is ENDLESS.
    Wow, you've made me formulate what I've never thought about. Think I'll incorporate it in my profile. :D Thanks! :)


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