Tear Up and Paste.

A while back, I mentioned I was happily back to my "old- fashioned" inspiration journals, after I deleted my Pinterest account. I am now even happier, after my copyright has been infringed... Fortunately it was a minor violation and all is solved now, but that once again reinforced my decision- the idea of Pinterest as an online inspiration board is truly great, except that, in my humble opinion, people tend to use others' work too freely.
I have started this journal in July, to help me through a difficult period of recurrent bad migraines. I suffer from chronic migraines, and a dear friend suggested this therapy :) When I was not too bad, but still needed time off work or other activities, I simply sat at my desk in dim light and flipped through magazines, looking for relief. This would have been impossible in front of the monitor, and it's one of the reasons why I love these old-fashioned journals so much!
After a bit of thinking, I decided to massively step out of my comfort zone, and instead of using scissors, I simply teared up the magazines. Something my tidy self was astounded about! :)
Also, I just went for a normal, cheap, even a bit ugly exercise book instead of a more elegant binder. Kraft paper helped me prettify it, and this way I'll have my future journals all cooordinated with this one, no matter which brand I buy. I just love coordinates.

This very journal is a mix of themes, but I keep each page clean and neat by coordinating colors and subjects too. I have a ginormous collection of magazines, all in storage at the moment, and I plan on making journals like these out of them. I may start several at the same time and do one for "Garden", one for "Kitchen", one for "Recipes", another for "Storage, etc. etc. ideas.
I may even add notes on the pages, or complete them with other clippings as I find them.

I love my magazines and I've refrained from cutting them out for a long time! Finally, my practical self won me over!

I'm sure they'll provide lots of happy and relaxing hours this winter ahead, curled up on the sofa with a warm, cozy blanket!

Do you make inspiration journals the old- fashioned way?
Monica x


  1. I love what you have done and big steps too, the ripped out pages look freer! I did have the old fashioned journals but am now a Pinterest girl! Sorry to hear you had copyright issues, so common unfortunately and also that you suffer migraines - nasty! Take Care - Rachael xo

  2. I love Pinterest but I totally see your point too. I love what you have done! I always have made inspiration scrapbooks all my life.

  3. Love the idea of tearing up..

    I kept journals of ideas..until we built here 11 yrs ago..I am slowly started(blush..w/ Pinterest) for our next move..all of a sudden 11 yrs have flown by..and i see we won't be in this him forever..
    Great idea Monica..
    I am sorry for your migraines..imagine the day they will leave you..as they sometimes can and will:) You will dance on rooftops.Can't wait for you.

  4. I am so sorry about your migraines!
    I had a similar problem but have gone down to about 2 a month by cutting out artificial sweetners, sourdough bread and finding out I had an allergy to citrus and cutting citrus out also. It has taken me years to get here but so worth it!
    Have you ever looked into food allergies? I had no idea until a dr. suggested it. The sweetners and bread I heard about on the news and tried it and it has really helped.
    I love your journals, I think I might go back to making some too!
    Good luck! karen...

  5. Monica,

    I have really mixed feelings about Pinterest myself. I think the idea is to find a collection of online inspiration but like you say it very often oversteps copyrights. I know tons of things have been lifted off my blog without permission and there does not seem to be a polite way to stop it. An artist friend of mine had some of her license work lifted, sadly she closed her blog and had it out with Pinterest to get the content removed.

    Like you, I love the old fashioned way of creating a tactile inspiration journal. I have a large old scrapbook that I cut, tear, and paste images, words, or phrases that capture my attention. Call me old fashioned but I love being able to hold and study a image in my hands rather than in a virtual fashion.

    Be well!

  6. When I did scrapbooks for friends or cards, several years ago, I never used scissors. Always ripping. Much preferred that look rather than everything nice and neat. Of course, if you look around my house and the way I decorate, that probably all makes sense. ha! I took an old diary journal from last year and started gluing in cards and quotes and stuff that I brought home from my office bulletin board -- in fact, I have many old diaries that I will start to do the same thing with. So much stuff that needs a place to reside rather than stuffed here and there. Have a great week. Tammy

  7. I love what you have done !!! ..the old way !! nice to see and se personal...love from me...xxx..

  8. I made my first Inspiration Journal
    when I was a teenager ...and Internet and Pinterest didn't exist:)! Lifestyle and craft magazines are my mine of ideas : I cut,paste and dream !...What more can I say? Now I follow Your blog...and dream !
    Thank you,Monica

  9. I do create inspiration journals. I use clear plastic sleeves that fit into a ring binder so I can slip several pages of an article into one if needed. But I like your idea of gluing the pictures to paper, it would be sturdy. But what if there's something you love on both sides of the page?

  10. I found one, the other day, and I still love the images. It was a ready made spiral journal in which I pasted pictures of ideas to improve myself. You know, great haircut.. fabulous boots ... darling necklace ... and even articles about how to stay the course in self-improvement. Gesh... I'm really sharing here, aren't it! However, I just know that I will be doing this into my 90's. Always wanting to be the best I can be, even though I fall short a lot of the times. But it's all a process, isn't it!

  11. I've not done Pinterest as I'm on neither FB or Twitter (I can hear those gasps!) ~ so your idea is a great one!
    I've done something similar all along in regular school notebooks; I like the idea of using the comp. books even better!!
    Cheers ~

  12. Lorrie- if there's something you love on both sides of the page? Hmmm, good question! The first idea that comes to my mind is to create a flap, using decorative fabric or washi tape :)

  13. Love the old fashioned journals, I have kept one for years
    It was great when we where renovating
    It it good to get the magazines in the recycle bin and declutter if I didn't I would have piles up to the ceiling not a good look

  14. I love the idea. As I've started on my own path of art journaling, I've come to realize that I too would rather use it as a book of inspiration full of sketches and ideas. I can't yet grip to concept of painting on the pages. Maybe it will come one day.

  15. Hi Monica,
    My sister use to keep journals with photos from magazines, that she would cut up and underneath each photo she would right something about it. She even had a journal full of her dream home that she was going to build one day. Its good to dream!
    How are your hands doing?. Did you see my post on Aug.19 Dinning room tour?
    Sending hugs, Elizabeth

  16. I have only just found your blog :) and can empathise with regard to ongoing migraines. A specialist Neurologist eventually helped me live a more 'normal' life especially as I had a 7 year old at that time. Take care and I LOVE your blog xo

  17. I just discovered your blog and have a feeling I'll be spending a lot of time getting caught up!
    I really like your inspiration journal and would like to start one myself. What do you use as your adhesive? I know the paper in those books is rather thin, and I don't see any buckling on the sheets. Nice job! It seems that no matter which glue I use my paper gets wavy and that makes me crazy!
    Also, when there's an image on both sides of the magazine sheet that I want to keep, what I do is make a copy of one side on my inkjet printer. Then I have two separate images to glue down!

  18. @gardenmoon Hello and nice to meet you! Hope you'll have fun with all of my posts ;)
    I use normal paper glue in tubes. Coccoina glue is my favorite, but if I don't have it on hand, just another brand works as well! Hope this helps.


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