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Friday, September 14, 2012

You. Are. Strong.

Actually, I never realized that until I had to face some big difficulties in my life. But certainly I am, we all are. Tough times seem to awaken some misterious forces we already have inside, and you become much stronger and more inspired with the right ideas. You bear what you didn't think you could bear, you feel the pain but all of a sudden it gets wings and turns into hope, and you become a warrior ready to steadfastly fight any adversity.
Kim still needs your healing thoughts and prayers, more than ever. I am sure she already "felt" them, as she's reactive to medicines, breathes well and now is sleeping quietely by my side. I strongly believe in the power of intention, and that collective prayers/intents/positive energy surely have an effect on the material reality.
Kim is such a good and sweet girl, always ready to offer love and smiles to everyone.
Many thanks from the bottom of my heart for all of your comments and private emails. They meant a lot. They help a lot.
Monica and Kim xoxo


  1. Sending Healing energy for both you and kim, wrapped in a bubble of love and light.

  2. I was hoping this were improving..We are having friends for dinner..they are bringing their dog as Ben is afraid of thunder and it is in the forecast.
    I will be reminded of Kim even more..In my thoughts.

  3. You have no idea how much I needed to read what you wrote about pain becoming hope....especially today of all days.

    Thank you and my prayers are with you and Kim!


  4. This is such a beautiful and meaningful post that I have taken to heart. I hope Kim is doing better, she is so precious. Many thoughts and prayers coming your way.


  5. ...I was thinking of you today Monica, you randomly popped in my head and my thought immediately turned to Kim, I'm glad she is by your side and not anywhere else...it's my daughter's birthday today she is 27 and has been in labour with her first child for just over 17 hours now, I have been worried all day and with not being there I feel not in control and to a degree helpless as I await news, it's funny how you came to my thoughts today, it must be empathy in knowing something is happening beyond our control to the one we love...much love to you and the most gorgeous Kim in these toughest of times...Melx :)

  6. Dear Monica, Sending love and positive thoughts and wishes to you and your girl. So very glad to hear she is with you and improving. I hope she is back to her usual self very soon. xo

  7. Ogni difficoltà crea una parentesi tra le cose belle della vita e ci apre una nuova strada , ma ci dona anche la forza di poterla percorrere.
    We are glad to know Kim is better.
    Sereno weekend

  8. Prayers for my sweet sweet Kim...i love that dog......and hope she will recover soon.....God is great darlling.....love love love Ria...xxx.

  9. Hope Kim will be better soon, Monica, sending my positive thoughts !
    Big hugs to you and Kim,

  10. Have you both inside my heart and thoughts. Be strong Monica and be well Kim.

  11. Prayers for you and Kim. The God of all is good and answers our prayers. I know what you are feeling now as we have just been thru some tough days, but our faith has seen us thru, and we know we are strong!

  12. I believe in the power of prayers and positive energy. Sending both your way!

  13. From one dog lover to another, I am sending you good wishes and healing vibes to beautiful Kim.

  14. I have been thinking of you and Kim lots and sending healing comforting thoughts. I know how hard it is to see them struggling. So glad to hear she is responding well, give her a big cuddle from me. Hugs for you too xx

  15. I checked back to see how Kim is doing. Give her a hug for me - sending healing thoughts her way.



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