About Creative Blocks.

I want to share here on my blog my thoughts and personal experience about this subject. The awesome blogging community gives us the blessing and opportunity to inspire and support each others, even if thousands of miles lie between us!

I’ve recently received emails and comments from creative people hungry for more insights from an artist’s perspective. As I too have found along the way inspiration and uplifting ideas by wonderful artists that helped me tremendously, this is what I'm hoping to do here with you.

I'll start sharing an excerpt from a conversation I had a few months ago with a fellow artist and friend, who mentioned a "creative block" in one of her emails to me.
On the spur of the moment I wrote her: “ "When you sit down and feel like you're blocked, don't let that thought interfere with your creativity that (here is the gentle truth!) is NOT blocked. Try to just let the color flow onto paper or canvas, just play for a while concentrating on positive thoughts of abundance and not lack. Do not think about the result, just have fun fun fun and relax."
I further explained her that I don't believe anymore in 'blocks' (this means once I used to believe they existed). My spiritual journey has guided me towards the understanding that inspiration flows continuously through us and around us in form of beautiful ideas- it's up to us to believe that or not. When we are not inspired to paint (create), we may be inspired to cook, to tidy up our things or decorate home... or maybe it's because our body or mind physiologically need to rest or we are guided to focus our attention on something different. Creative people tend to be way too demanding on themselves, and often forget to rest (which should be something wise to do, instead, that could help produce even better work). If we painted or crafted all day long every single day, we couldn't go for a walk, for example, and see that gorgeous flower, or landscape or notice that fantastic color combination which inspire us fabulous new artworks.

I can tell you from my experience of more than 20 years of work as an artist, that what's best to mantain a really inspired attitude is to just PLAY! I really find I make the best stuff when I let my self-imposed demanding thoughts go, and work freely without thinking about the result... with no thoughts of impossibility, and without letting deadlines, comparisons, all the rest I have to do, etc. interfere with my playing.

If you believe you’re blocked, don't add mental weight to that and swift your thoughts instead to the idea that you're always able to arrange a wonderful bunch of flowers from the garden, mixing and matching the perfect shapes and colors from the borders; cook an inviting, colored meal, tablescape prettily or rearrange things around your home. These are evidence that your creativity is not. blocked. at. all!

Excercise your thoughts. Remember that our own beliefs are our best friends (or worst enemies!). Just take it easy, and simply be. In no time you'll be painting (creating) in the studio with lots of renewed strength and enthusiasm.
The lovely friend with whom I had this conversation was so kind to agree my sharing it here on my blog for your benefit too, and dropped me a note telling me that my words sit with her every time she paints.  I can tell you I’ve witnessed an incredible renewed inspiration and creativity in her work recently. 
Monica x


  1. Thanks for sharing the link to this Monica. I guess I am simply in the state of being at the moment. :) My days are pretty darn full. I am doing lots of walking which is a very good thing. Helps me to sort my thoughts and very energizing. Hope you are well. Best wishes, Tammy


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