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Monday, October 29, 2012

Going Green: Sweater Hearts Tutorial.

What to do with sweater scraps? Can a passionate eco- crafter throw them away? ... Noope! :)
The white and cream scraps left from this project were truly small... yet perfect for some sweater hearts. To add a cheerful note, I also upcycled a very tired red sweater I loved to wear when I was about 15 (ahem... I know, I know!!). Cream, white and red- such a pretty color combo!

Here are the simple instructions for the beginners. I know several of my readers don't sew, but would love to, and this is such a fast and easy project! 

You'll need:
- a sewing machine
- old sweaters or scraps of them
- matching thread
- a needle
- scissors
- polyfill
- pins
- a heart template (you can draw it easily just folding a paper sheet in half)
- small buttons

1. Fold the sweater, right sides together (the right of the sweater is inside the fold). Pin the template onto it.

2. Cut around the heart, leaving a nice seam allowance.

3. Machine stitch, leaving an opening to stuff the heart.

4. Trim off any excess of fabric and zig zag all around the shape. This is not mandatory, as these hearts are not meant to be used and washed, but this step prevents the fabric from fraying and keeps the inside of your work neat too. Even if it's hidden, I encourage you to always put care in everything you make!

5. Cutting along the seam allowance will help reversing the heart.

6. Reverse.

7. Fill the heart with polyfill. A pencil can be a helpful stuffing tool, if you don't own a proper one. Close the opening with invisible stitches.

8. Finish off with a button.

You can use them as: lavender sachets for your drawers (add a spoonful of lavender buds for each heart), stocking fillers, decorative hearts, ornaments for your Christmas tree, little gifts, photo props etc etc etc.
Happy crafting!
Monica x


  1. Hi Monica,

    I love them, oh yes I do!!!
    Hearts are always fun and full of charm.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

    1. Oh yes, they are! I'd fill my whole house with them! And they make such thoughtful little gifts too.

  2. SUPER CUTE!!!! I would have thought the knit would unravel. Thanks for the tutorial. So, what's new in your world? I'm getting ready to go to another class this week. Can't wait to be with creative girly friends as I've been up to my eye balls in remodel stuff. Moving stuff to just move it again. MADDENING! HUGS!
    Charlene & Elle (who is very confused with all the commotion in her house)

  3. How is Kim doing? Better & back to normal I hope.

  4. Fantastic idea,Monica: I'll sew a little star button , for Christmas!
    Oggi sono mattiniera!Have a nice day:)

  5. Oh Monica these are so sweet! I have a sewing machine that I have yet to use. Perhaps this is the project that will remove all the fears I have of using my sewing machine. Thanks for sharing the tutorial, which by the way is so beautifully photographed.

    xo, abby

    P.S. Hope all is well with you and Miss Kim dear friend

  6. Love this idea! I might make some heart sachets out of some scraps. I have TONS of lavender left over from my wedding and need to use it somehow :)

  7. Simple and sweet, LOVE them!!

  8. Cute! What a great idea Monica - love them!


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