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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Paying Attention...

This was happening just before Kim started to feel bad and found herself between life and death. My Mom was sitting at the kitchen table having coffee with biscuits... I noticed from the other room, grabbed my camera and captured that special moment.
Sun rays were seeping through the window panes, kissing them . All was silent, except the coffee pot bubbling on the stove. I can hardly explain my feelings- I was arresting time. I was paying attention. I was completely living in the present.

My cootie patootie is a very good girl, she's responding well to medicines (and above all, love), and we're doing all we can to keep her with us, healthy and serene.
After I had to leave her at the clinic for eight days (heart.breaking), she's now here by my side. As soon as she was home, I could see a huge smile of relief on her muzzle. It just melted me.
Thank you for all of your prayers, healing energy, sweet thoughts and words. They mean the world!
Monica x


  1. Quando era ancora con noi la mia cagnolina Pupa cercava sempre il mio aiuto quando non si sentiva bene,sapeva perfettamente che capivo, non so spiegarti come,ma credo che la tua cagnetta consideri tua madre in grado di ascoltarla.Baci ed in bocca a lupo per tutto,salute della cagnetta compresa !

  2. Bless her. She has been in my thoughts and i am so glad to hear she is doing well, what a strong special girl she is. Hugs, catherine x

  3. It makes me happy to know that Kim is doing better. This just breaks my heart, too. I wish our pets lived as long as we do. A big hug to you (and Kim)!


  4. ...a wonderful posting Monica filled with loVe and good tidings, so pleased Kim is now home, loVe felt through the human touch will nourish her well being...blessings all round...Melx :)

  5. I am so glad Kim is home !!!!......ow she is so sweet...Iris give her a lick on my iPad for her....Iris always laying next to me....xxxx...love Ria

  6. Great capture!What a face ..

  7. This is one of those precious moments you want to save forever ♥
    So happy Kim is home & doing so well.
    Thinking of you both as we Celebrate Thanksgiving xo

  8. So glad to hear she is doing much better. She has such a sweet face.

  9. All you can ask is to have peace and live in the moment.
    I am so glad that y'all have these moments together!

  10. Happy to hear she's home again, surrounded by loved ones! I can't imagine life without pets. I really can't. The last pet we lost was our 19 (or 20) year old cat, Tiger Lily. I can see my other kitty going downhill, so 'living in the moment' is a precious thing to me now. Every night I try to remember to tell her that I love her.... despite her naughty behavior as of late. :p

    By the way, your furkid is so adorable and that's a really sweet moment that you captured.


  11. So glad that Sweet Kim is doing better. I would have beside myself for mine to be gone 8 days but glad they got her fixed up. Our pets are just so precious.

  12. You will keep getting them as we want only the best for that beautiful girl. Wonderful picture Monica, it shows just how special Kim is.
    Hugs to you,

  13. Greetings my dear friend. Oh how I've missed you. Unfortunately my job has me busy beyond belief. I am attempting to take some time today to visit. I think of you often, and I always hold you close in my heart.♥

    I am so saddened to read that your sweet Kim was so ill, but am happy that recovery is happening. I know you are thrilled that she is home with you. You love her well.

  14. Sweet Kim!!! Precious photo. That is the sort of thing that stays with you forever! Treasure her my friend there are NEVER ENOUGH DAYS with our 4Ever friends. I still pine for My Reba. I love Elle but, she's just not Reba. HUGS to you both!

  15. What a sweet moment Monica. I am so so happy you took this photo and shared with us. Take care Ciao Rita

  16. What a lovely photo, so tender !
    So glad Kim is doing better, Monica !

  17. Your photo is precious. I'm certain Ms. Kim will be fine...she has the look of fighter. Though I have never personally met her I adore her just the same..reminds me of my Ms. Ginger so much. Sending huge {{{{{hugs}}}}}}.

    xo, abby

  18. That photo is priceless. Good job capturing it! Hope she continues to get better.

  19. How absolutely precious, Monica. Just precious. So glad you were paying attention. What a sweet blessing for you and all of us!
    Warm hugs!

  20. My heart just melted when I saw Sweet Kim's picture. I am so glad she is doing well.

  21. Loved this picture...I too am glad she is responding well.
    Hugging you both

  22. Pat Kim with all our hearth!:)!

  23. Thank. you. to you all! xoxo


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